Two Words...NAKED MAN
Bust by Jay Alternative @ 11/4/2005 3:29 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: John, 29
AOL IM: SpecialGuy29
Location: Falls Church, Virginia

Wannabe Pedo's Picture
This wannabe pedo tried to solicit Marlboro20170 and SissiBoiSissi13, a 14 year old boy
... or so they thought!

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As most know, I have been with PJ for over two years now. I have run into the most perverse individuals one can imagine. If the first bust was not horrific enough, he showed a second time to meet my other character. I was, and am at a loss for words. Furthermore, I have seen him online everyday since his dual meeting with Dateline NBC.

For clarification, Marlboro20170 was age 14. SissiBoiSissi13 was age 13.

Bust 1:

Thursday, 08/18/05 3:57pm EST

SpecialGuy29 [3:57 PM]: hey bro.
Marlboro 20170 [3:57 PM]: sup
SpecialGuy29 [3:57 PM]: Not a thing man.
SpecialGuy29 [3:57 PM]: u
Marlboro 20170 [3:58 PM]: zzzzzzz bored zzzzzzzzz
SpecialGuy29 [3:58 PM]: me 2
Marlboro 20170 [3:58 PM]: where u from?
SpecialGuy29 [3:58 PM]: Falls Church here
SpecialGuy29 [3:58 PM]: u
Marlboro 20170 [3:58 PM]: <------herndon
SpecialGuy29 [3:58 PM]: May I ask your Stats, Age and Location please.??
SpecialGuy29 [3:58 PM]: sweet
Marlboro 20170 [3:58 PM]: 14 5-7 135 brown brown...fine u?
SpecialGuy29 [3:58 PM]: sweet deal.
SpecialGuy29 [3:59 PM]: I am 5 11 br/hz eyes 31
SpecialGuy29 [3:59 PM]: I am well... Thankyou...
SpecialGuy29 [4:00 PM]: John here...
Marlboro 20170 [4:00 PM]: brandon
Marlboro 20170 [4:00 PM]: u gotta pic
SpecialGuy29 [4:00 PM]: Hey Brandon.
SpecialGuy29 [4:00 PM]: yes I do 4 trade
SpecialGuy29 [4:01 PM]: Brandon... May I ask a question.?
Marlboro 20170 [4:02 PM]: score bro
Marlboro 20170 [4:02 PM]: and shoot
SpecialGuy29 [4:02 PM]: Are you alright with the age difference.?
SpecialGuy29 [4:02 PM]: sending now Brandon.
Marlboro 20170 [4:02 PM]: you party? you like me...i am there
SpecialGuy29 [4:02 PM]: yes
Marlboro 20170 [4:03 PM]: where b that pic?
SpecialGuy29 [4:04 PM]: You have Mail bro.
Marlboro 20170 [4:04 PM]: kewl
SpecialGuy29 [4:04 PM]: thanks man
SpecialGuy29 [4:05 PM]: I like your PIc Brandon...
SpecialGuy29 [4:05 PM]: I have my left ear Pierced...
SpecialGuy29 [4:06 PM]: Brandon... May I ask a personal question.?
Marlboro 20170 [4:06 PM]: go for it
SpecialGuy29 [4:06 PM]: Are you STR8, Bi., or Gay.???
Marlboro 20170 [4:06 PM]: h aha, gay
Marlboro 20170 [4:06 PM]: just i dont tell no one
SpecialGuy29 [4:06 PM]: sweet
SpecialGuy29 [4:07 PM]: I won't I promise
Marlboro 20170 [4:07 PM]: dude, find some bros and lets party my dad is gone til sat morn
SpecialGuy29 [4:07 PM]: You are so FUCKIN HOT bro.
SpecialGuy29 [4:07 PM]: Can it be just US 2.?
SpecialGuy29 [4:07 PM]: Just for now.?
SpecialGuy29 [4:08 PM]: Where's your Mom.?
SpecialGuy29 [4:08 PM]: I would LOVE to hangout with you Brandon.
Marlboro 20170 [4:08 PM]: moms history
SpecialGuy29 [4:09 PM]: I'm Sorry bro.
SpecialGuy29 [4:09 PM]: What do u think.? May it just be US 2 for now.?
SpecialGuy29 [4:10 PM]: please.???
Marlboro 20170 [4:10 PM]: hang
SpecialGuy29 [4:11 PM]: is it cool with u.? IF it is only you and me.?
Marlboro 20170 [4:13 PM]: srry got booted
SpecialGuy29 [4:13 PM]: I hate that...
SpecialGuy29 [4:14 PM]: I asked if it is okay with you if it is ONLY you and me for now.?
Marlboro 20170 [4:16 PM]: JUST ROLL WITH IT
Marlboro 20170 [4:17 PM]: whats wrong bro?
Marlboro 20170 [4:18 PM]: dude?
SpecialGuy29 [4:18 PM]: hey bro... Sorry My Computer is acting up...
Marlboro 20170 [4:19 PM]: kick tis azzzzzz
SpecialGuy29 [4:19 PM]: ?
SpecialGuy29 [4:19 PM]: :-(
Marlboro 20170 [4:19 PM]: so whats the deal?
SpecialGuy29 [4:19 PM]: I am trying to meet BOTH YOU guys.
SpecialGuy29 [4:19 PM]: IF that is ok with you bro...
Marlboro 20170 [4:20 PM]: so now u want us both?
Marlboro 20170 [4:20 PM]: or just me?
Marlboro 20170 [4:20 PM]: man your wiggin me
SpecialGuy29 [4:20 PM]: just you buddy
Marlboro 20170 [4:20 PM]: so what u wanna do?
SpecialGuy29 [4:20 PM]: I am Sorry... That is NOT my intention.
Marlboro 20170 [4:20 PM]: just words just words
SpecialGuy29 [4:20 PM]: I want to be your Boyfriend IF you will have me.
SpecialGuy29 [4:21 PM]: I am serious
Marlboro 20170 [4:21 PM]: dude we need to test drive b4 we go sayin that shyt
SpecialGuy29 [4:21 PM]: Not a problem
SpecialGuy29 [4:21 PM]: I can and will do that
Marlboro 20170 [4:21 PM]: what u wanna do?
SpecialGuy29 [4:22 PM]: I would LOVE to meet you.
Marlboro 20170 [4:22 PM]: thats it?
SpecialGuy29 [4:22 PM]: HOPEFULLY have you as my Boyfriend..
Marlboro 20170 [4:22 PM]: what kinda ride you got?
SpecialGuy29 [4:23 PM]: I have a Saturn BUT I was hit so I am using my Dads Truck for now.
Marlboro 20170 [4:23 PM]: make nice coin?
SpecialGuy29 [4:23 PM]: ?
Marlboro 20170 [4:23 PM]: job, what u do?
SpecialGuy29 [4:24 PM]: I am an 11th Grade English Teacher
Marlboro 20170 [4:24 PM]: fuck
Marlboro 20170 [4:24 PM]: u dont teach in herndon?
SpecialGuy29 [4:24 PM]: No.
Marlboro 20170 [4:24 PM]: daym u freaked me
SpecialGuy29 [4:24 PM]: I'm Sorry
SpecialGuy29 [4:25 PM]: That was not to make you feel uncomfortable.
Marlboro 20170 [4:25 PM]: was gonna be like shyt i gave you my pic
SpecialGuy29 [4:25 PM]: I LOVE YOUR pic.
Marlboro 20170 [4:25 PM]: i start high school this year
SpecialGuy29 [4:25 PM]: Yes you do.
Marlboro 20170 [4:26 PM]: so what u wanna do
SpecialGuy29 [4:27 PM]: MAYBE we can have " fun ".?
Marlboro 20170 [4:27 PM]: rock on
Marlboro 20170 [4:27 PM]: let me talk u up whats ur number
SpecialGuy29 [4:27 PM]: Is that a Good idea bro.???
Marlboro 20170 [4:28 PM]: its cool i gotta card
SpecialGuy29 [4:28 PM]: I don't want to get u in Trouble bro.
Marlboro 20170 [4:28 PM]: i'm a pro at this
SpecialGuy29 [4:28 PM]: I also don't want to get me in trouble either.
SpecialGuy29 [4:28 PM]: cool.
Marlboro 20170 [4:28 PM]: ha ha. no chance bro
SpecialGuy29 [4:28 PM]: ?
Marlboro 20170 [4:29 PM]: i've done this before
Marlboro 20170 [4:29 PM]: not liek im a virgin
SpecialGuy29 [4:29 PM]: No chance for what bro.?
SpecialGuy29 [4:29 PM]: gotcha
SpecialGuy29 [4:30 PM]: Here's my Number bro.
Marlboro 20170 [4:31 PM]: i miss it?
SpecialGuy29 [4:32 PM]: 571 722 9755
Marlboro 20170 [4:33 PM]: ha ha, brb fone
SpecialGuy29 [4:33 PM]: ok.
SpecialGuy29 [4:36 PM]: r u back yet.?
SpecialGuy29 [4:38 PM]: ;-)
Marlboro 20170 [4:41 PM]: lets rock dude
Marlboro 20170 [4:41 PM]: when can u get here?
SpecialGuy29 [4:41 PM]: sweet
SpecialGuy29 [4:41 PM]: anytime... I have to go to my Parents House first real quick
SpecialGuy29 [4:42 PM]: I can't Party to much because I havr yo go to my Part-time Job tonight...
Marlboro 20170 [4:42 PM]: what time?
SpecialGuy29 [4:42 PM]: I have to leave here around 1130-Midnight
Marlboro 20170 [4:42 PM]: so what time u get here?
SpecialGuy29 [4:43 PM]: I can get there in about an hour maybe more because of Traffic...
Marlboro 20170 [4:43 PM]: bro say 6:30 i gotta run notes to a bud
SpecialGuy29 [4:43 PM]: Okay
SpecialGuy29 [4:44 PM]: What about the Girl.???
SpecialGuy29 [4:44 PM]: lol..
Marlboro 20170 [4:44 PM]: fuck
Marlboro 20170 [4:44 PM]: hung that bytch up
SpecialGuy29 [4:44 PM]: lol.
SpecialGuy29 [4:44 PM]: I LOVE IT BABE
SpecialGuy29 [4:44 PM]: Complete Address babe.?
SpecialGuy29 [4:45 PM]: Brandon... Who stays with you at Night since your Dad isn't there.?
Marlboro 20170 [4:45 PM]: ** address edit **
Marlboro 20170 [4:45 PM]: no one
SpecialGuy29 [4:45 PM]: cool.
Marlboro 20170 [4:45 PM]: maid goes home at 6
Marlboro 20170 [4:45 PM]: comes back at 9
SpecialGuy29 [4:45 PM]: what is the zip code babe.?
Marlboro 20170 [4:45 PM]: morning
Marlboro 20170 [4:46 PM]: dude, look at my screen name
SpecialGuy29 [4:46 PM]: oops
SpecialGuy29 [4:47 PM]: lol.
SpecialGuy29 [4:47 PM]: sorry babe.
Marlboro 20170 [4:47 PM]: pick up a case?
SpecialGuy29 [4:47 PM]: I am broke sweetie... :-\
SpecialGuy29 [4:47 PM]: Although... I do have beer here
Marlboro 20170 [4:47 PM]: fuck, i'll pay u back
Marlboro 20170 [4:47 PM]: and a pack of reds
Marlboro 20170 [4:47 PM]: condoms
SpecialGuy29 [4:48 PM]: I hate condoms babe... :-(
Marlboro 20170 [4:48 PM]: u safe?
SpecialGuy29 [4:48 PM]: yes
SpecialGuy29 [4:48 PM]: I wouldn't have me any other way
SpecialGuy29 [4:48 PM]: You're in Herndon right.?
Marlboro 20170 [4:49 PM]: just buy the smokes and beer i got coin my dad gave me
Marlboro 20170 [4:49 PM]: yip
Marlboro 20170 [4:49 PM]: herndon
SpecialGuy29 [4:49 PM]: ;-)
Marlboro 20170 [4:49 PM]: this is the deal
SpecialGuy29 [4:49 PM]: ok.
Marlboro 20170 [4:49 PM]: not allowed to use the front door.....dads rule...special rug
SpecialGuy29 [4:50 PM]: ok.
Marlboro 20170 [4:50 PM]: side garage is open, strip to ur underware and come in i be in mine
SpecialGuy29 [4:50 PM]: I don't wear underwear...
Marlboro 20170 [4:50 PM]: then come in nekid
Marlboro 20170 [4:50 PM]: all the fuckin better
SpecialGuy29 [4:50 PM]: What kind of underwear do u wear.?
Marlboro 20170 [4:50 PM]: if u dont i wont
SpecialGuy29 [4:50 PM]: ok babe
Marlboro 20170 [4:51 PM]: deal?
SpecialGuy29 [4:51 PM]: hell yea
Marlboro 20170 [4:51 PM]: fuck this is gonna be fun
SpecialGuy29 [4:51 PM]: May I tell u what I am into.?
SpecialGuy29 [4:51 PM]: HELL YEA
Marlboro 20170 [4:51 PM]: i got this thing with guys comin in with no clothes
SpecialGuy29 [4:51 PM]: AWESOME.
Marlboro 20170 [4:51 PM]: dude hurry
Marlboro 20170 [4:51 PM]: u get case
Marlboro 20170 [4:51 PM]: reds
Marlboro 20170 [4:52 PM]: i run this shyt and we meet here at 6:30
SpecialGuy29 [4:52 PM]: I am into Sucking, French Kissing, Getting Sucked, Suckeing Nipples and Balls...
Marlboro 20170 [4:52 PM]: dude, i am eeeeeezzzzzzzyyyyyy
SpecialGuy29 [4:52 PM]: ME 2 BABE
SpecialGuy29 [4:52 PM]: ;-)
Marlboro 20170 [4:52 PM]: ur gonna call ur ass in sick tonight babe
SpecialGuy29 [4:52 PM]: Can we be Boyfriends.?
Marlboro 20170 [4:52 PM]: u come in naked i be what u want when u want
SpecialGuy29 [4:52 PM]: I wish I could hunny
SpecialGuy29 [4:53 PM]: I think I can learn real fast to LOVE YOU.
Marlboro 20170 [4:53 PM]: so nekid it is?
SpecialGuy29 [4:53 PM]: yes
SpecialGuy29 [4:53 PM]: absolutely
Marlboro 20170 [4:54 PM]: k dude lets bolt so we can meet here at 6:30
SpecialGuy29 [4:54 PM]: I LOVE YOU already bro.
Marlboro 20170 [4:54 PM]: u know how to get here?
SpecialGuy29 [4:54 PM]: I will check Mapquest
Marlboro 20170 [4:55 PM]: k so 6:30 on the button
SpecialGuy29 [4:55 PM]: ;-)
SpecialGuy29 [4:55 PM]: LOVE YOU.
Marlboro 20170 [4:55 PM]: rock on
Marlboro 20170 [4:55 PM]: nekid 6:30 my kitchen
SpecialGuy29 [4:55 PM]: ONLY 4 YOU SWEETIE
Marlboro 20170 [4:55 PM]: see ya!
SpecialGuy29 [4:55 PM]: ;-)

To all of our disbelief, Chris Hansen was confronted with a completely naked man.

Beyond belief, the next morning, while working the SissiBoiSissi13 AOL screen name, SpecialGuy29 signs on to AOL. Not able to comprehend what I was seeing, I initiated a chat with him under this alien screen name to him. Just read and keep a firm grip on your jaw.

08/19/05 10:27 am EST

SissiBoiSissi13 [10:27 AM]: hi
SpecialGuy29 [10:27 AM]: hey
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:27 AM]: how are you?
SpecialGuy29 [10:27 AM]: great
SpecialGuy29 [10:27 AM]: u
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:27 AM]: bored
SpecialGuy29 [10:27 AM]: i hear ya
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:28 AM]: where u?
SpecialGuy29 [10:28 AM]: falls church
SpecialGuy29 [10:28 AM]: u
SpecialGuy29 [10:29 AM]: where r u.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:29 AM]: sorry comp froze
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:29 AM]: arlington
SpecialGuy29 [10:29 AM]: ihate when that happens
SpecialGuy29 [10:29 AM]: cool.
SpecialGuy29 [10:29 AM]: what hasd u online
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:30 AM]: ?
SpecialGuy29 [10:30 AM]: what r up to today
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:30 AM]: nuthin
SpecialGuy29 [10:30 AM]: cool.
SpecialGuy29 [10:31 AM]: YOu should go see a Movie with your Mom and Dad.
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:31 AM]: just my mom and she is at work
SpecialGuy29 [10:32 AM]: who's watchin you.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:32 AM]: no one
SpecialGuy29 [10:32 AM]: oh
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:32 AM]: ru gay?
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:33 AM]: ?
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:38 AM]: srry got kicked off
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:39 AM]: u dont like me?
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:49 AM]: I sent u my pic
SpecialGuy29 [10:49 AM]: ok
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:50 AM]: can i c u?
SpecialGuy29 [10:50 AM]: Where.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:50 AM]: a foto
SpecialGuy29 [10:50 AM]: I unfortunately don't have 1
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:50 AM]: o
SpecialGuy29 [10:50 AM]:
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:51 AM]: how old ru?
SpecialGuy29 [10:52 AM]: 29
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:52 AM]: im 13
SpecialGuy29 [10:53 AM]: GOTVHA
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:53 AM]: huh?
SpecialGuy29 [10:53 AM]: Gotcha
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:54 AM]: ru gay?
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:54 AM]: ?
SpecialGuy29 [10:55 AM]: No.
SpecialGuy29 [10:55 AM]: u
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:55 AM]: I don't know like i'm a boy but think I'm a girl but like guys
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:55 AM]: i like to dress up like a girl
SpecialGuy29 [10:57 AM]: I SEE
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:57 AM]: will u still talk to me?
SpecialGuy29 [10:58 AM]: Why wouldn't I.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:58 AM]: when i say that no one likes me and all i want is a boyfriend
SpecialGuy29 [10:59 AM]: i see
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:59 AM]: its just hard
SpecialGuy29 [10:59 AM]: I can imagine
SissiBoiSissi13 [10:59 AM]: do u got a girlfriend?
SpecialGuy29 [11:00 AM]: yes
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:00 AM]: does she have nice dresses?
SpecialGuy29 [11:03 AM]: yep
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:05 AM]: y not talking?
SpecialGuy29 [11:05 AM]: I'M OK.
SpecialGuy29 [11:06 AM]: where in Arlington r u.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:07 AM]: y?
SpecialGuy29 [11:08 AM]: curious
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:09 AM]: u know where fort meyer dr is
SpecialGuy29 [11:09 AM]: yep
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:09 AM]: near there
SpecialGuy29 [11:09 AM]: i see
SpecialGuy29 [11:11 AM]: I know where that is...
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:12 AM]: I'm like close to the McDs near wilson
SpecialGuy29 [11:13 AM]: got it
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:14 AM]: u want to meet me?
SpecialGuy29 [11:14 AM]: where.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:14 AM]: at mcdonalds
SpecialGuy29 [11:14 AM]: when.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:14 AM]: dunno
SpecialGuy29 [11:17 AM]: pick a time and i will be there.
SpecialGuy29 [11:18 AM]: wait outside for me...
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:18 AM]: will u bring me one of your girls dresses?
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:18 AM]: so i can dress up
SpecialGuy29 [11:18 AM]: none here.
SpecialGuy29 [11:19 AM]: stay like a boy 4 me... ok.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:19 AM]: nylons?
SpecialGuy29 [11:19 AM]: none
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:19 AM]: k
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:19 AM]: u buy me lunch?
SpecialGuy29 [11:20 AM]: if u wait outside 4 me.
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:20 AM]: its raining
SpecialGuy29 [11:21 AM]: take an umbrella
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:21 AM]: is 12:30 ok?
SpecialGuy29 [11:22 AM]: Yea
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:23 AM]: how do i no who u are ?
SpecialGuy29 [11:23 AM]: lol...
SpecialGuy29 [11:23 AM]: I was going to ask u that same question.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:23 AM]: i sent u my pic
SpecialGuy29 [11:24 AM]: Will u wait Outside 4 me.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:25 AM]: yeah but how do i know who you are?
SpecialGuy29 [11:25 AM]: Jean Shorts and a Gray Tee Shirt...
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:25 AM]: so u be outside 2?
SpecialGuy29 [11:26 AM]: Yes
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:26 AM]: k i just got on shorts and a white tee and my nationals hat
SpecialGuy29 [11:27 AM]: sweet
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:27 AM]: what kinda car u got if its raining
SpecialGuy29 [11:27 AM]: A red Truck.
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:28 AM]: im Luke
SpecialGuy29 [11:28 AM]: Shane here.
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:28 AM]: hi
SpecialGuy29 [11:29 AM]: Hi,
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:29 AM]: u know where the mcdonald is?
SpecialGuy29 [11:30 AM]: it's by a Bridge right.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:32 AM]: kinda past it
SpecialGuy29 [11:33 AM]: It's the only one you can see from 50.
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:33 AM]: it on moore between wilson and Lee
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:34 AM]: yea u can see it from there
SpecialGuy29 [11:34 AM]: i think i know where it is...If I remember right McDonalds is the only 1 you can see from Route 50 though right...
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:35 AM]: if u are on moore u cant not see it its between wilson and lee i live off lee
SpecialGuy29 [11:37 AM]: cool.
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:37 AM]: how long it take u to get there?
SpecialGuy29 [11:37 AM]: if it is the McDonalds i think it is 20-25 mins.
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:38 AM]: k i see u at 12:30
SpecialGuy29 [11:38 AM]: yeppers...
SpecialGuy29 [11:38 AM]: r u gay.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:38 AM]: i told u i like guys lots but think im a gurl so what does that make me?
SpecialGuy29 [11:39 AM]: gay.
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:39 AM]: k i guess i am
SpecialGuy29 [11:39 AM]: bi here
SpecialGuy29 [11:39 AM]: wait out front 4 me
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:39 AM]: i will
SpecialGuy29 [11:40 AM]: cool.
SpecialGuy29 [11:40 AM]: how big r u.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:40 AM]: my cock?
SpecialGuy29 [11:40 AM]: yep
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:40 AM]: 5 inch
SpecialGuy29 [11:40 AM]: cool
SpecialGuy29 [11:40 AM]: no wearing underwear.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:41 AM]: what?
SpecialGuy29 [11:41 AM]: oops.
SpecialGuy29 [11:41 AM]: not wearing underwear.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:41 AM]: no i do
SpecialGuy29 [11:41 AM]: boxers.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:41 AM]: no i like the tight ones
SpecialGuy29 [11:42 AM]: sweet
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:42 AM]: i gotta go shower
SpecialGuy29 [11:42 AM]: ok.
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:42 AM]: i see u there
SpecialGuy29 [11:42 AM]: ok.
SpecialGuy29 [11:43 AM]: 1230 right.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [11:43 AM]: yeah
SpecialGuy29 [11:43 AM]: ok.

SissiBoiSissi13 [12:33 PM]: u here?
SpecialGuy29 [12:34 PM]: there u r
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:34 PM]: im just leaving
SpecialGuy29 [12:34 PM]: i am leaving now
SpecialGuy29 [12:34 PM]: sorry
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:34 PM]: wait a second
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:35 PM]: i dont know if i want to eat mcdonalds
SpecialGuy29 [12:35 PM]: WHERE.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:35 PM]: dunno
SpecialGuy29 [12:37 PM]: Meet me at McDonalds and we can go somewhere else.
SpecialGuy29 [12:38 PM]: ok.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:39 PM]: sorry froze
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:39 PM]: jima is close
SpecialGuy29 [12:39 PM]: really.?
SpecialGuy29 [12:39 PM]: How close.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:40 PM]: same as mcdonalds kinda
SpecialGuy29 [12:40 PM]: can u walk 2 the Iwo Jima.?
SpecialGuy29 [12:41 PM]: :)
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:41 PM]: yea
SpecialGuy29 [12:41 PM]: You can walk to iwo jima.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:42 PM]: said yea kinda far but done it
SpecialGuy29 [12:42 PM]: do u want to walk there to the iwo jima.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:42 PM]: mc ds is fine but u gotta park on the road
SpecialGuy29 [12:43 PM]: ok...
SpecialGuy29 [12:43 PM]: we don't have to eat there...
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:43 PM]: k
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:43 PM]: i just meet u out front
SpecialGuy29 [12:43 PM]: maybe CUM here and eat here.???
SpecialGuy29 [12:43 PM]: ok
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:43 PM]: i stay inside if its raining til i see u
SpecialGuy29 [12:43 PM]: ok.
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:44 PM]: u comin now?
SpecialGuy29 [12:44 PM]: yes i am CUMMIN now...
SpecialGuy29 [12:44 PM]: did u want to cum here.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:44 PM]: how long it take it only takes me 10 to walk there
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:44 PM]: ok
SpecialGuy29 [12:45 PM]: 20-25 mins. depending upon traffic and lights.
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:45 PM]: k
SpecialGuy29 [12:45 PM]: you want to cum here.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:45 PM]: k
SpecialGuy29 [12:45 PM]: Do your Parents know you are gay.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:45 PM]: no
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:45 PM]: u leave now?
SpecialGuy29 [12:46 PM]: yep yep
SpecialGuy29 [12:46 PM]: can you get HARD 4 me.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:46 PM]: when i meet u
SpecialGuy29 [12:46 PM]: ok.
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:46 PM]: u sign off and go
SpecialGuy29 [12:46 PM]: do u have to wear underwear.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:46 PM]: no i guess not
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:47 PM]: i got to go
SpecialGuy29 [12:48 PM]: cool... please do not wear underwear.???
SpecialGuy29 [12:48 PM]: I will be there by 115-125...
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:48 PM]: sorry
SpecialGuy29 [12:48 PM]: ???
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:49 PM]: got booted
SpecialGuy29 [12:49 PM]: DANG
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:49 PM]: k see u
SpecialGuy29 [12:49 PM]: OK..
SpecialGuy29 [12:49 PM]: PLEASE do not wesr underwear.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:49 PM]: u sign off n hurry
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:49 PM]: i wont wear them
SpecialGuy29 [12:49 PM]: PROMISE.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:50 PM]: yes
SpecialGuy29 [12:50 PM]: :)
SpecialGuy29 [12:50 PM]: OK I'M LEAVING NOW
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:50 PM]: k
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:50 PM]: yes
SpecialGuy29 [12:51 PM]: SWEET
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:51 PM]: hurry
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:51 PM]: im hungry
SpecialGuy29 [12:51 PM]: 4 my cock.?
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:52 PM]: yes
SpecialGuy29 [12:52 PM]: :)
SpecialGuy29 [12:52 PM]: ok leaving now
SissiBoiSissi13 [12:52 PM]: k sign off
SpecialGuy29 [12:53 PM]: i leave it on.

End of story....he showed a second time for Dateline NBC's Chris Hansen.


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