Roberto will be leaving Tustin for a spell.....
Bust by Jay Alternative @ 6/17/2006 2:03 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Roberto, 55
AOL IM: Socal128
Location: Tustin, California

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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit RiverRidzz13, a 13 year old boy
... or so they thought!

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Socal128 [1:30 P.M.]: hi, corona here
Socal128 [1:30 P.M.]: u there?
RiverRidzz13 [1:31 P.M.]: sup
Socal128 [1:31 P.M.]: no much, u?
RiverRidzz13 [1:31 P.M.]: bored
RiverRidzz13 [1:31 P.M.]: how old ru
Socal128 [1:31 P.M.]: 42, that ok?
RiverRidzz13 [1:32 P.M.]: u luk that old?
Socal128[1:32 P.M.]: been told i look cool
RiverRidzz13 [1:33 P.M.]: <------13 mira loma
RiverRidzz13 [1:33 P.M.]: u got pics?
Socal128 [1:33 P.M.]: u likie older?
RiverRidzz13 [1:34 P.M.]: yeah i dont want no one to knwo im gay
Socal128 [1:34 P.M.]: same here
Socal128 [1:34 P.M.]: u have a pic?
RiverRidzz13 [1:34 P.M.]: trade
Socal128 [1:34 P.M.]: sure send
RiverRidzz13 [1:35 P.M.]: k
Socal128 [1:35 P.M.]: u sending?
RiverRidzz13 [1:35 P.M.]: did
Socal128 [1:36 P.M.]: hot, sent
RiverRidzz13 [1:37 P.M.]: u luk buff 4 old dude u gots more?
Socal128 [1:37 P.M.]: yes u?
RiverRidzz13 [1:37 P.M.]: u got 3 i got one no fair ur turn
Socal128 [1:37 P.M.]: sure
Socal128 [1:38 P.M.]: sent
RiverRidzz13 [1:38 P.M.]: way hot
Socal128 [1:39 P.M.]: u too, robert here u?
RiverRidzz13 [1:39 P.M.]: <------luke
Socal128 [1:39 P.M.]: nice name
Socal128 [1:39 P.M.]: u been with men already?
RiverRidzz13 [1:40 P.M.]: once
Socal128 [1:41 P.M.]: what did u do?
RiverRidzz13 [1:41 P.M.]: made out suxd he fucked me it hurt
Socal128 [1:42 P.M.]: how old was he?
RiverRidzz13 [1:42 P.M.]: said 30 but i think older
Socal128 [1:43 P.M.]: ic
Socal128 [1:43 P.M.]: would u want to try it again?
RiverRidzz13 [1:44 P.M.]: totally
Socal128 [1:45 P.M.]: really?
Socal128 [1:45 P.M.]: if done alright doesnt hurt
RiverRidzz13 [1:46 P.M.]: really?
Socal128 [1:46 P.M.]: yes
Socal128 [1:47 P.M.]: ther trick is to relax the musle first
RiverRidzz13 [1:49 P.M.]: how u do that
Socal128 [1:49 P.M.]: fingers, tongue, lots os massages, no rush
RiverRidzz13 [1:50 P.M.]: wow
RiverRidzz13 [1:50 P.M.]: see old guys know shyt
Socal128 [1:51 P.M.]: the thrick is to bring the pleasure aout, not the pain
RiverRidzz13 [1:51 P.M.]: u sound nice
Socal128 [1:51 P.M.]: thanks
Socal128 [1:51 P.M.]: would be cool to show u
Socal128 [1:53 P.M.]: how old were u when that happened?
RiverRidzz13 [1:54 P.M.]: this summer
RiverRidzz13 [1:54 P.M.]: just turned 13
Socal128 [1:54 P.M.]: would u see me sometime?
RiverRidzz13 [1:54 P.M.]: im here alone all day
RiverRidzz13 [1:55 P.M.]: brb
Socal128 [1:55 P.M.]: i could come now
RiverRidzz13 [1:59 P.M.]: back
Socal128 [1:59 P.M.]: k, u looking for now?
RiverRidzz13 [2:00 P.M.]: that was my lab partner she comin over at noon for our project but after that
Socal128 [2:00 P.M.]: how long is the project for?
RiverRidzz13 [2:01 P.M.]: she can only stay til 2 cuz she gotta party tgt
Socal128 [2:01 P.M.]: coukod i come at 215?
RiverRidzz13 [2:01 P.M.]: 2:30 to be safe
Socal128 [2:01 P.M.]: sure
Socal128 [2:01 P.M.]: want to?
RiverRidzz13 [2:02 P.M.]: totally
RiverRidzz13 [2:03 P.M.]: can i call u when she goes
Socal128 [2:03 P.M.]: what is the address?
RiverRidzz13 [2:04 P.M.]: u really gonna come over?
Socal128 [2:04 P.M.]: if u want me too, yes i will
RiverRidzz13 [2:05 P.M.]: u got cam?
Socal128 [2:05 P.M.]: i got 1 yes, why?
RiverRidzz13 [2:05 P.M.]: i dont got no x pics or cam
Socal128 [2:05 P.M.]: want me to take some?
RiverRidzz13 [2:06 P.M.]: totally
RiverRidzz13 [2:06 P.M.]: cant ask buds they think i m freak if i do
Socal128 [2:06 P.M.]: i know
RiverRidzz13 [2:06 P.M.]: how long it take u to ger here
Socal128 [2:06 P.M.]: like 30 minutes
Socal128 [2:06 P.M.]: depends where u are at
RiverRidzz13 [2:07 P.M.]: **jay edit** mira loma
Socal128 [2:07 P.M.]: a sec
Socal128 [2:10 P.M.]: got it
Socal128 [2:10 P.M.]: what is the phone number>
RiverRidzz13 [2:10 P.M.]: let me call u when she goes
Socal128 [2:10 P.M.]: 714 4251208
RiverRidzz13 [2:11 P.M.]: shyt fone brb
Socal128 [2:11 P.M.]: k
RiverRidzz13 [2:12 P.M.]: k sorry was her again
Socal128 [2:12 P.M.]: ok
Socal128 [2:13 P.M.]: will take me 45 minutes to get there, so call me sooner, if u
Socal128 [2:14 P.M.]: if u know she leaves at 2, call em at 130
RiverRidzz13 [2:14 P.M.]: k
Socal128 [2:14 P.M.]: what did she said?
RiverRidzz13 [2:15 P.M.]: they leavin now so i gtg but call u but 230 is kewl
Socal128 [2:15 P.M.]: call mke at 130
Socal128 [2:15 P.M.]: so i can be there at 230
RiverRidzz13 [2:15 P.M.]: i aske her again and she gotta be outta here by 215 no laytar cuz her party is at 3
RiverRidzz13 [2:16 P.M.]: we just wait til last sec to do this and sux
Socal128 [2:16 P.M.]: k, so call me at 130, say ok, anfd i will leave
RiverRidzz13 [2:16 P.M.]: waz ur name again?
Socal128 [2:16 P.M.]: u ok with giving me your number too?
Socal128 [2:16 P.M.]: robert
RiverRidzz13 [2:16 P.M.]: <-------luke
RiverRidzz13 [2:16 P.M.]: u bring brews?
Socal128 [2:16 P.M.]: sure
RiverRidzz13 [2:16 P.M.]: i love brews
RiverRidzz13 [2:17 P.M.]: sweet i got money for zaaaa
Socal128 [2:17 P.M.]: after u call me, will take me 45 minutes remember
RiverRidzz13 [2:17 P.M.]: i dont got no rubberz
Socal128 [2:17 P.M.]: i do
RiverRidzz13 [2:17 P.M.]: hot way hot i am so boned
Socal128 [2:17 P.M.]: when i get there, just ring the bell?
RiverRidzz13 [2:18 P.M.]: im not allowed in living room dining room andmy friends gotta use back door cuz rug is like some fuckin gold thing so just come round back and comein slidin door
RiverRidzz13 [2:18 P.M.]: i call u at 1:30
RiverRidzz13 [2:18 P.M.]: gtg
Socal128 [2:18 P.M.]: k, please dont stand me up, lets do this
Socal128 [2:19 P.M.]: 714 42351208
Socal128 [2:19 P.M.]: 714 4251208
RiverRidzz13 [2:19 P.M.]: dude i am so boned
RiverRidzz13 [2:19 P.M.]: gtg
Socal128 [2:19 P.M.]: hiow big are u?
Socal128 [2:19 P.M.]: i will bring the camera

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