Dan was into massages...naked massages, with condoms!
Bust by Don Pedro @ 3/2/2007 7:29 PM PST

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Perverted Justice mark: Dan, 38
AOL IM: Dsswinney
Location: Simi Valley, California

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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit K992boy, a 13 year old boy
... or so they thought!

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This log starts out in September of 2005. I was trolling in Las Vegas when Dan hit my Vegas kid up. Apparently, Dan was going to be in Las Vegas, and was looking for some underage kid to hook up with...

Begin IM - 9/21/2005 11:59 PM
Dsswinney [11:58 P.M.]: hi
FoxxKid92 [11:59 PM]: hi
FoxxKid92 [11:59 PM]: 13 m SW vegas u
Dsswinney [12:00 AM]: cali..going to vegas this weekend...just wondering if you like older 38(Well, he doesn't waste much time, does he?)
FoxxKid92 [12:00 AM]: oh yea older guys are ok as long as they aint like 70 lol
Dsswinney [12:01 AM]: lol
Dsswinney [12:01 AM]: you have a pic
Dsswinney [12:01 AM]: how warm is it there
FoxxKid92 [12:01 AM]: no, no pic
FoxxKid92 [12:01 AM]: its warm as usual lol
Dsswinney [12:02 AM]: yeah it allways hot there
Dsswinney [12:02 AM]: so describe yourself
FoxxKid92 [12:02 AM]: im 5' 5" 120 lbs
FoxxKid92 [12:02 AM]: brown eyes dark hair
Dsswinney [12:03 AM]: white?
FoxxKid92 [12:03 AM]: yupper
Dsswinney [12:04 AM]: cool...ill see if your on friday..maybe you can come to my hotel room
Dsswinney [12:04 AM]: saturday
FoxxKid92 [12:05 AM]: well it mite be tough i cant drive
Dsswinney [12:05 AM]: lol..ill pick you up
FoxxKid92 [12:06 AM]: well my mom is gettin back from her vacation on friday nite
Dsswinney [12:06 AM]: oh ok
Dsswinney [12:06 AM]: next time
FoxxKid92 [12:06 AM]: ok

End IM - 9/22/2005 12:21 AM

This is the log that I had with Dan for the Dateline: Riverside sting.

Begin IM - 1/6/2006 10:21 PM
Dsswinney [10:19 P.M.]: 13 sweet..i wanna see a pic..not nude just a sweet??? WTF. This guy is really a predator.)
K992boy [10:21 PM]: hi
K992boy [10:21 PM]: how old ru u?
Dsswinney [10:21 PM]: 38 here(Too fuckin old for a 13-year-old, fuckstick.)
K992boy [10:21 PM]: i have a pic did u have 1?
K992boy [10:22 PM]: i would like 2 see if u do
Dsswinney [10:22 PM]: i just wanted to see your you really want to see mine

Dsswinney [10:22 PM]: ok
K992boy [10:22 PM]: yea
K992boy [10:22 PM]: i sent mine
Dsswinney [10:23 PM]: where at i did not get
K992boy [10:23 PM]: i sent it to
K992boy [10:23 PM]: thru email
K992boy [10:23 PM]: that picture connect sharing thingy dont work for me for some reason
K992boy [10:23 PM]: :(
K992boy [10:23 PM]: so i have to email
K992boy [10:24 PM]: r they in ur inbox/
Dsswinney [10:24 PM]: spam i got it...cute
K992boy [10:24 PM]: kewl thanx
K992boy [10:25 PM]: yeah that thing
K992boy [10:25 PM]: the instant images
K992boy [10:25 PM]: it dont work on my aol for some reason
K992boy [10:25 PM]: i dunno y
Dsswinney [10:25 PM]: Instant Images invitation canceled.
K992boy [10:25 PM]: can u email me ur pic?
Dsswinney [10:25 PM]: ok ill mail
K992boy [10:25 PM]: thnax :)
K992boy [10:25 PM]: so what u doin tonite?
Dsswinney [10:26 PM]: going to get a massage...hopfully
Dsswinney [10:26 PM]: how about you
K992boy [10:32 PM]: a massage huh?
K992boy [10:32 PM]: r those nice?
K992boy [10:32 PM]: i'm stuck at home
Dsswinney [10:32 PM]: oh yeah
K992boy [10:32 PM]: my ma n my gramma took off for vegas so im stuck here
K992boy [10:32 PM]: thanx 4 the pic btw
K992boy [10:32 PM]: WOW
Dsswinney [10:32 PM]: bummmer

K992boy [10:32 PM]: u do not look 38
Dsswinney [10:32 PM]: np
K992boy [10:32 PM]: u r good looking
Dsswinney [10:33 PM]: ty
K992boy [10:33 PM]: i but u got lots of boyfriends :)
K992boy [10:33 PM]: bet
K992boy [10:33 PM]: lol
Dsswinney [10:33 PM]: nice
Dsswinney [10:34 PM]: do you like to be massaged(Testing the waters - how comfortable will the boy be with having a creepy 38-year-old touching his body?)
K992boy [10:34 PM]: yeah
Dsswinney [10:34 PM]: cool..i like doing it too
K992boy [10:34 PM]: o ya?
Dsswinney [10:34 PM]: i give a good massage(Subtle, isn't he?)
K992boy [10:34 PM]: kewl :)
Dsswinney [10:34 PM]: o yeah
K992boy [10:35 PM]: where r u going?
Dsswinney [10:35 PM]: not sure plan yet
K992boy [10:36 PM]: o u just kno u want 2 get a massage :)
Dsswinney [10:36 PM]: where are you located
K992boy [10:36 PM]: i c
K992boy [10:36 PM]: Mira Loma
K992boy [10:36 PM]: near Corona
Dsswinney [10:36 PM]: cool
K992boy [10:36 PM]: u?
Dsswinney [10:36 PM]: or i want to give one
K992boy [10:36 PM]: not liek it matters cuz im 13 i cant drive 2 u or anywhere for another 3 yrs lol
Dsswinney [10:37 PM]: in the valley
K992boy [10:37 PM]: ohh ok
K992boy [10:37 PM]: e side or w side
Dsswinney [10:37 PM]: yeah ..but you got the place to yourself right(Well, we can see where this is going, can't we?)
K992boy [10:37 PM]: yeah i do
Dsswinney [10:37 PM]: y do you want a massage(I wasn't taking the hint, so he just flat out asks)
K992boy [10:38 PM]: ohh that'd be nice
Dsswinney [10:38 PM]: cool
Dsswinney [10:38 PM]: what time would be good
K992boy [10:38 PM]: uhm...
K992boy [10:39 PM]: well
Dsswinney [10:39 PM]: you just got nervouse
K992boy [10:39 PM]: i was suppose to go to the nieghbors
K992boy [10:39 PM]: nooo
Dsswinney [10:39 PM]: lol
K992boy [10:39 PM]: i was thinkin if i coudl get outta it
K992boy [10:39 PM]: i was suppose to go there n watch a movie
Dsswinney [10:39 PM]: no dont
Dsswinney [10:40 PM]: well go its ok
K992boy [10:40 PM]: i should be home tho like at 1 am
Dsswinney [10:40 PM]: np preasure
K992boy [10:40 PM]: would that be ok?
Dsswinney [10:40 PM]: no*
K992boy [10:40 PM]: aww ok
Dsswinney [10:40 PM]: mmmmm
Dsswinney [10:40 PM]: kinda late
K992boy [10:40 PM]: oh u were correcting ur typo
K992boy [10:40 PM]: ohk
Dsswinney [10:40 PM]: yeah lol
K992boy [10:41 PM]: well wehn works 4 u?
Dsswinney [10:41 PM]: i would like to massage your naked body sometime though(Well, can't claim that it was just going to be an innocent massage now, can you Danny?)
Dsswinney [10:42 PM]: how many massages have you had...truthfully
K992boy [10:42 PM]: full with me naked? 0
K992boy [10:42 PM]: i just get neckrubs n stuff
Dsswinney [10:42 PM]: oh i c
Dsswinney [10:42 PM]: are you shy about being naked
K992boy [10:43 PM]: no but usually when i get naked i get a hardon
K992boy [10:43 PM]: that can be embaerrasing
Dsswinney [10:43 PM]: thats ok most people do
K992boy [10:43 PM]: will that bother u?
Dsswinney [10:43 PM]: of course not(...of course not. Hell, he's counting on it.)
K992boy [10:44 PM]: k
K992boy [10:44 PM]: will u be naked 2?
Dsswinney [10:44 PM]: that depends on you..if you want me to be i will
K992boy [10:44 PM]: ok
K992boy [10:44 PM]: do u get hard when ur naked 2?
Dsswinney [10:45 PM]: depends on the mood you know...i usually do when i have my people turn over
K992boy [10:45 PM]: IC
K992boy [10:45 PM]: so u do massage lots?
Dsswinney [10:46 PM]: i used too...kinda too busy latley
K992boy [10:46 PM]: IC
Dsswinney [10:46 PM]: next time you family leavs we will try it ok
K992boy [10:47 PM]: ok well theyll be gone tomorrow and sun too
Dsswinney [10:47 PM]: oh ok..if you see me on say hi
K992boy [10:47 PM]: ok
K992boy [10:47 PM]: well
K992boy [10:47 PM]: u kno i could skip the movie
Dsswinney [10:47 PM]: dan here
K992boy [10:47 PM]: Im Ryan
K992boy [10:47 PM]: i kno my prof says william
Dsswinney [10:47 PM]: hey ry
K992boy [10:47 PM]: but thats so i dont get no stalkers :)
K992boy [10:47 PM]: hi Dan
Dsswinney [10:47 PM]: lol
K992boy [10:48 PM]: when would be a good time 4 u? if u could come tonie?
Dsswinney [10:48 PM]: good idea though
Dsswinney [10:49 PM]: i have to shower still..and i think your like a good hour like 9:30...might be too late
K992boy [10:49 PM]: hmm...ok
K992boy [10:49 PM]: will u be online tmorrow then?
Dsswinney [10:50 PM]: i might go to work half day not sure yet
K992boy [10:50 PM]: ok
K992boy [10:50 PM]: would it be ok if u gave me ure #? or no
K992boy [10:50 PM]: if no its ok i understand
K992boy [10:51 PM]: tho i promise i wont ever call unless u say its ok
Dsswinney [10:51 PM]: ok 1 sec
K992boy [10:51 PM]: k
Dsswinney [10:52 PM]: hey can you call now ..just for a sec
K992boy [10:52 PM]: yea sure
Dsswinney [10:53 PM]: 805-501-2500
K992boy [10:53 PM]: klemme get the phone itll be 1 sce
K992boy [10:53 PM]: sec
K992boy [10:56 PM]: goddamn phone
K992boy [10:56 PM]: im 5'5 btw
K992boy [10:57 PM]: :)
K992boy [10:57 PM]: it like always diez on me
Dsswinney [10:57 PM]: ok cool
Dsswinney [10:57 PM]: lol
K992boy [10:57 PM]: so u will be back online 2morrow around 1pm?
K992boy [10:57 PM]: from work?
K992boy [10:57 PM]: is that what u meant?
Dsswinney [10:57 PM]: if i go you can call anytime..ok
K992boy [10:58 PM]: ok kewl
Dsswinney [10:58 PM]: what time tommorow are you thinking
K992boy [10:58 PM]: well what works 4 u?
K992boy [10:58 PM]: maybe around 4?
K992boy [10:58 PM]: in the afternoon?
Dsswinney [10:59 PM]: i think im going to a dinner at 6 so might not work
Dsswinney [10:59 PM]: mmmm
K992boy [10:59 PM]: hmm when will u be back from dinner?
Dsswinney [10:59 PM]: lol...wish you wrer closer
K992boy [10:59 PM]: 11 am?
Dsswinney [10:59 PM]: were
K992boy [10:59 PM]: or u have 2 work
K992boy [10:59 PM]: dangie
Dsswinney [10:59 PM]: no i dont
K992boy [10:59 PM]: 8:30?
K992boy [10:59 PM]: oh u dont ok
K992boy [10:59 PM]: u wanna do 8:30 tomorrow?
Dsswinney [11:00 PM]: you wanna try for like 12 or 1 in the afternoon
Dsswinney [11:00 PM]: tommorow night?
Dsswinney [11:00 PM]: 8:30
K992boy [11:00 PM]: yea nite
K992boy [11:00 PM]: or 12 noon works 2
K992boy [11:00 PM]: i aint got nowhere 2 be :)
Dsswinney [11:00 PM]: ok ill plan it...if you decide not to..just call me ok(Well then, the meet for a naked massage is planned...let's see what else our friend Dan here has on his mind...)
K992boy [11:01 PM]: for when noon?
Dsswinney [11:01 PM]: sure
K992boy [11:01 PM]: k do u want to meet online around 11 then?
Dsswinney [11:01 PM]: ok if im not here though call
K992boy [11:02 PM]: i will
Dsswinney [11:02 PM]: ill map quest your address tommorow
K992boy [11:02 PM]: k kewl
Dsswinney [11:02 PM]: do you like lotion or baby oil
K992boy [11:02 PM]: hey could u bring somthin?
K992boy [11:02 PM]: mmmm i dunno
K992boy [11:02 PM]: what's ur favorite?
Dsswinney [11:02 PM]: sure...what
K992boy [11:02 PM]: i sometimez use lotoin when i jo
K992boy [11:02 PM]: :)
Dsswinney [11:02 PM]: ok lotion it is(Tools of the trade...)
K992boy [11:03 PM]: u bring some beerz or somthin?
Dsswinney [11:03 PM]: really you drink
Dsswinney [11:03 PM]: ok
K992boy [11:03 PM]: well i did some this usmmer
K992boy [11:03 PM]: i wuz drinkin with my cuz
K992boy [11:03 PM]: n then we started..
K992boy [11:03 PM]: well u dont wann know :)
Dsswinney [11:03 PM]: lol
Dsswinney [11:04 PM]: tell me later
K992boy [11:04 PM]: i was kissin my cuzin, but i sware im not a redneck
Dsswinney [11:04 PM]: lol
Dsswinney [11:04 PM]: thats funny bro
K992boy [11:04 PM]: heh well it was hot thats 4 sure
K992boy [11:04 PM]: i dont think hes gay tho
K992boy [11:04 PM]: we just did stuff cus we were drinkin i guess
Dsswinney [11:04 PM]: thats cool
K992boy [11:05 PM]: so u dont think im sick?
K992boy [11:05 PM]: for doin stuff w my cuzin?
Dsswinney [11:05 PM]:
K992boy [11:05 PM]: ok kewl :)
Dsswinney [11:05 PM]: hoe old is he
K992boy [11:05 PM]: uhm....19?
Dsswinney [11:05 PM]: how
K992boy [11:05 PM]: 19 or 20
Dsswinney [11:05 PM]: thats cool
K992boy [11:05 PM]: yeap
Dsswinney [11:06 PM]: so hey im going to go...ill talk to you tommorow ok
K992boy [11:06 PM]: ok
K992boy [11:06 PM]: if i dont see u online by 11 i will call u
Dsswinney [11:06 PM]: nice to talk...ry
Dsswinney [11:06 PM]: good nite
K992boy [11:06 PM]: likewise ::)
K992boy [11:06 PM]: gnite
K992boy [11:17 PM]: did u leave?
Dsswinney [11:18 PM]: no not yet...wat up
K992boy [11:18 PM]: o nuttin much i just thaught u waz leavin :)
Dsswinney [11:19 PM]: well just chatting to a friend...we might go have a drink..just still early you chillin for a few
K992boy [11:19 PM]: yeah
Dsswinney [11:19 PM]: wat time you going to watch the movie
K992boy [11:19 PM]: like leavin in a 1/2 hr or so
Dsswinney [11:19 PM]: cool
K992boy [11:20 PM]: yeap yeap
K992boy [11:20 PM]: it is still early
K992boy [11:20 PM]: y u gotta be an hr away? :(
Dsswinney [11:21 PM]: i know
Dsswinney [11:21 PM]: bummmmeer
K992boy [11:21 PM]: o well get massages n stuff tomrorrow rite?
K992boy [11:21 PM]: question
K992boy [11:21 PM]: 4 u
K992boy [11:21 PM]: is it ok if i ask?
Dsswinney [11:21 PM]: sure
K992boy [11:21 PM]: Do U like kissing?
Dsswinney [11:22 PM]: np with it
K992boy [11:22 PM]: ok
K992boy [11:22 PM]: i really kinda liked it
K992boy [11:22 PM]: alot
K992boy [11:22 PM]: i dunno y
Dsswinney [11:22 PM]: thats cool
Dsswinney [11:22 PM]: its fun
K992boy [11:22 PM]: ya what is ur favorite thing to do ?
Dsswinney [11:23 PM]: im pretty open about what ever
K992boy [11:23 PM]: IC
Dsswinney [11:23 PM]: just nothing like hard core..none of that crap
K992boy [11:23 PM]: well i dunno even what hardcore stuff is :)
K992boy [11:24 PM]: I know kissing, giving head, n then fucking.
K992boy [11:24 PM]: we learn about anal sex in heath class
K992boy [11:24 PM]: u believe that?
K992boy [11:24 PM]: the teacher taught how guys do it and how lesbians do it
K992boy [11:24 PM]: :)
Dsswinney [11:25 PM]: really
Dsswinney [11:26 PM]: thats kinda weird
K992boy [11:27 PM]: i kno
K992boy [11:27 PM]: its liek they want u to be gay or sumthin
K992boy [11:27 PM]: or want u to experiment
K992boy [11:27 PM]: lol
Dsswinney [11:28 PM]: lol
Dsswinney [11:29 PM]: im going to call my bud now..have fun tonight
K992boy [11:29 PM]: oh ok
K992boy [11:29 PM]: ill talk to u tomorrow
K992boy [11:29 PM]: u have fun
K992boy [11:29 PM]: 2
Dsswinney [11:29 PM]: you got it ry...thanks man

End IM - 1/6/2006 11:52 PM

Later that night...

Begin IM - 1/7/2006 01:31 AM
K992boy [1:31 A.M.]: RU here?
Dsswinney [01:32 AM]: yeah...giveme a sec...ok
K992boy [01:32 AM]: ok. i didnt feel like watchin a movie so i told her i wasnt feelin good n was gunna go to bed
Dsswinney [01:33 AM]: oh ok
K992boy [01:33 AM]: did u go for drinks yet?
K992boy [01:33 AM]: or is that later
Dsswinney [01:33 AM]: no i chilled also
K992boy [01:33 AM]: ah ok kewl
Dsswinney [01:35 AM]: so are we still good for tommorow(Makin' sure his underage ass is still available...)
K992boy [01:36 AM]: yea im kewl wit it if u r
K992boy [01:36 AM]: :)
K992boy [01:38 AM]: can i ask u sumthin tho?
Dsswinney [01:40 AM]: ask
K992boy [01:40 AM]: like other than my cuz i really havnet done much with guys be4, u like wont make fun of me will u?
Dsswinney [01:41 AM]: of course not
K992boy [01:41 AM]: ok kewl :)
Dsswinney [01:41 AM]: im looking foward to just giving you a really relaxing massage...youll like it
Dsswinney [01:41 AM]: hey im getting off now
K992boy [01:41 AM]: just a massage?
K992boy [01:41 AM]: ok
K992boy [01:41 AM]: tomorrow
K992boy [01:42 AM]: 11 am online i'll give u teh address
Dsswinney [01:42 AM]: ill talk to you tommorow 4 sure
K992boy [01:42 AM]: ok
K992boy [01:42 AM]: kewl
Dsswinney [01:42 AM]: a good me
K992boy [01:42 AM]: :) ok
Dsswinney [01:42 AM]: ok cool later ry
K992boy [01:42 AM]: i trust u
K992boy [01:42 AM]: cya Dan

End IM - 1/7/2006 01:46 AM

The next day...

Begin IM - 1/7/2006 02:38 PM
K992boy [2:38 P.M.]: hi there
Dsswinney [02:38 PM]: good morning (Yeah, there's a bit of a time-zone difference, what can I say?)
K992boy [02:38 PM]: HOw ru
Dsswinney [02:38 PM]:
K992boy [02:39 PM]: im ok
K992boy [02:39 PM]: have a good time last nite?
Dsswinney [02:40 PM]: yeah..i ended up giving a
Dsswinney [02:40 PM]: it was cool
K992boy [02:40 PM]: kewl
K992boy [02:40 PM]: not 2 me tho :(
Dsswinney [02:40 PM]: mmmm
Dsswinney [02:40 PM]: i would of
K992boy [02:40 PM]: but whut
Dsswinney [02:41 PM]: you said you wanted to wait till today
K992boy [02:41 PM]: o ok :)
Dsswinney [02:41 PM]: you wrer top on my list last
Dsswinney [02:41 PM]: were*
K992boy [02:41 PM]: o yea?
Dsswinney [02:41 PM]: bbboooooyyyyyy lol
K992boy [02:41 PM]: thats kewl
K992boy [02:42 PM]: hehehehehhe
K992boy [02:42 PM]: :-D
Dsswinney [02:42 PM]: i have to cut my hair ...its getting to long (Haha, ok so I suppose none of you care, but I did this chat over a year ago, and really haven't looked at it since. After I read this line I said to myself "Get a haircut, hippie!" And then I read my next line. Man I need to get new jokes.)
K992boy [02:42 PM]: get a haircut hippie
Dsswinney [02:42 PM]: so what you going to do today
Dsswinney [02:42 PM]: i
K992boy [02:42 PM]: :)
K992boy [02:42 PM]: well nothin rlly
K992boy [02:43 PM]: i'm really boned up today tho lol
Dsswinney [02:43 PM]: so do you still want a massage
K992boy [02:43 PM]: more than a massage
K992boy [02:43 PM]: :-D
K992boy [02:43 PM]: hehehehe
Dsswinney [02:43 PM]: ok no problem
Dsswinney [02:44 PM]: what time
K992boy [02:44 PM]: hmm...
K992boy [02:44 PM]: u have an hr drive
K992boy [02:44 PM]: so maybe 3:00?
Dsswinney [02:45 PM]: 2:30 would be cool
K992boy [02:45 PM]: ok
Dsswinney [02:45 PM]: ok so give me your address so i can map it
K992boy [02:45 PM]: ok
K992boy [02:45 PM]: u ready for it?
Dsswinney [02:45 PM]: yes
K992boy [02:46 PM]: **ADDRESS EDIT**
Dsswinney [02:47 PM]: ok hold on im going to see how long
K992boy [02:47 PM]: k
K992boy [02:48 PM]: can u still bring some beerz? :)
Dsswinney [02:54 PM]: sure ok i got it 1 1/2 hr drive...dannnng
K992boy [02:54 PM]: daaaamn!
K992boy [02:54 PM]: well then ull have 2 stay awhile
Dsswinney [02:55 PM]: are you sure no one will come home...
K992boy [02:55 PM]: uh yeah, i'm sure
Dsswinney [02:56 PM]: ok i trust you
K992boy [02:56 PM]: dont worry if ther wuz a chacne i d be busted id say no
K992boy [02:56 PM]: i dont wanna be outed
Dsswinney [02:56 PM]: ok
Dsswinney [02:57 PM]: your cuz wont come over...where does he live
K992boy [02:57 PM]: lol no he goes to Yale :)
Dsswinney [02:57 PM]: ok sweet
Dsswinney [02:57 PM]: so do you still have my #
K992boy [02:57 PM]: yeah
K992boy [02:57 PM]: i do
Dsswinney [02:58 PM]: dude this is a lonf drive...if any thing comes up that you have to shine call me ok
K992boy [02:58 PM]: Will do
K992boy [02:58 PM]: hey
Dsswinney [02:58 PM]: kewlllllllll
Dsswinney [02:58 PM]: wat
K992boy [02:58 PM]: when u come park kinda in the back on the rite side n go in the back
Dsswinney [02:59 PM]: the back yard
K992boy [02:59 PM]: yeah
K992boy [02:59 PM]: theres a slider door
K992boy [02:59 PM]: ill leave it open 4 u
Dsswinney [02:59 PM]: ill knock you let me in
K992boy [03:00 PM]: well just go up the driveway on the rite siide of the house n to the back, just go thru the door there aint no doorbell i mite not here u knocking
Dsswinney [03:01 PM]: oh ok just walk in
K992boy [03:01 PM]: tho ill be lookin 4 u
K992boy [03:01 PM]: yeah its kewl
K992boy [03:01 PM]: ure the only 1 im xpecting :)
K992boy [03:01 PM]: what car will u be drivin?
Dsswinney [03:01 PM]: white malibu
K992boy [03:02 PM]: k kewl
K992boy [03:02 PM]: u still gunna bring the lotion or baby oil 2?
K992boy [03:02 PM]: i have lotion..
Dsswinney [03:02 PM]: i have llotion too
K992boy [03:02 PM]: is baby oil kewler?
Dsswinney [03:02 PM]: no to oily
K992boy [03:03 PM]: o ok
K992boy [03:03 PM]: uhm...can i ask u sumthin ?
Dsswinney [03:03 PM]: sure
K992boy [03:03 PM]: im kinda embarressed
K992boy [03:03 PM]: but uhm...i dont got ne of those rubberz, n i learn in health class that u should always use one...u do stuff.
K992boy [03:03 PM]: mebbie could u bring a couople?
Dsswinney [03:04 PM]: sure(Yeah...condoms are only used for one thing. And they are not used for massages.)
K992boy [03:04 PM]: awesome
Dsswinney [03:04 PM]: any other questions or anything before i get off
K992boy [03:04 PM]: no i think were good :)
K992boy [03:04 PM]: hehe im xcited
K992boy [03:05 PM]: r u?
Dsswinney [03:05 PM]: ok cool ryan....yeah
Dsswinney [03:05 PM]: so im going to do a few things and then get ready
K992boy [03:05 PM]: k
K992boy [03:05 PM]: i need 2 shower to
Dsswinney [03:05 PM]: ill see you around 2:30
K992boy [03:05 PM]: sounds good
K992boy [03:05 PM]: if i dont se eu by then i lll call u k?
Dsswinney [03:06 PM]: ok
Dsswinney [03:06 PM]: bye
K992boy [03:06 PM]: bye.

End IM - 1/7/2006 03:08 PM

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