D wants me to put things inside myself so that I'm ready for him...
Bust by Frag @ 4/9/2004 1:25 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Derek Coaxum, 30
Yahoo IM: flxnonya [ ]
Location: Walterboro, South Carolina
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit cindifromsc, a 13 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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Folks meet D. D is coming over to take my virginity. He was also hoping that I had some objects lying around the house that I could put inside myself to help get ready for him.

I'd like to thank Blue Silver PJ for making the verification call to D. She did a fantastic job.

Tuesday April 6th 2004 - Timestamps represent PDT

flxnonya (10:57:33 PM): hi
cindifromsc (11:12:42 PM): hi
flxnonya (11:12:49 PM): hi
flxnonya (11:12:54 PM): how ae u 2nite?
cindifromsc (11:13:02 PM): bored lol. u?
flxnonya (11:14:28 PM): yeah
flxnonya (11:14:43 PM): these guys keep tryin to view me
cindifromsc (11:14:49 PM): lol
cindifromsc (11:14:55 PM): whats ur a/s/l?
flxnonya (11:15:04 PM): 30 m sc
flxnonya (11:15:10 PM): Walterboro
cindifromsc (11:15:18 PM): 13/f/Columbia
flxnonya (11:15:55 PM): 13?
cindifromsc (11:16:00 PM): lol yeah.
flxnonya (11:16:08 PM): y r u still up?
cindifromsc (11:16:14 PM): moms at work lol
flxnonya (11:16:25 PM): when does she get off?
cindifromsc (11:16:35 PM): 6
flxnonya (11:16:45 PM): do u have a cam?
cindifromsc (11:16:54 PM): nah. she wont let me have 1
flxnonya (11:17:14 PM): what r u lookin 4 on here tonite?
cindifromsc (11:17:43 PM): i dunno. just bored and cant sleep. waht r u lookin 4?
flxnonya (11:18:27 PM): what else
flxnonya (11:18:33 PM): sum fun
cindifromsc (11:18:44 PM): lol yeah i guess.
flxnonya (11:19:16 PM): thats y i asked y u were still up
cindifromsc (11:19:34 PM): oh i c.
cindifromsc (11:19:36 PM): lol
flxnonya (11:20:07 PM): you're too young to know about all that
cindifromsc (11:20:18 PM): lol no im not
flxnonya (11:20:32 PM): what do u know about sex?
cindifromsc (11:21:02 PM): umm well ive done everything but have sex lol
flxnonya (11:21:24 PM): tell me what you,ve done
cindifromsc (11:21:33 PM): like oral and stuff.
flxnonya (11:21:56 PM): y didnt u take da dick then? (Because she's 13 you assclown.)
cindifromsc (11:22:27 PM): i dunno. i didnt want 2 then. now i think im ready. lol
flxnonya (11:22:52 PM): what do u look like
cindifromsc (11:23:04 PM): my pics on my profile.
flxnonya (11:23:21 PM): ok, i'll look
cindifromsc (11:23:24 PM): k
flxnonya (11:24:18 PM): ok
flxnonya (11:24:35 PM): so u think you're ready 4 dick now?
cindifromsc (11:24:42 PM): lol yeah
flxnonya (11:24:50 PM): what dick have u sucked?
cindifromsc (11:25:10 PM): what do u mean.
cindifromsc (11:25:17 PM): just a couple of guys i no.
flxnonya (11:25:34 PM): how old were they
cindifromsc (11:25:59 PM): 15 and 16
flxnonya (11:26:10 PM): see, i'm older
flxnonya (11:26:16 PM): my dick iz bigger
cindifromsc (11:26:20 PM): lol so
flxnonya (11:26:51 PM): u wana try me out?
cindifromsc (11:27:06 PM): umm sure lol
flxnonya (11:27:47 PM): when?
cindifromsc (11:28:48 PM): umm when do u want 2?
flxnonya (11:29:06 PM): tell me when u can let me do it
flxnonya (11:29:19 PM): do u think u can handle this dick?
cindifromsc (11:29:34 PM): lol yeah
flxnonya (11:30:44 PM): were any of da dicks u had as big as mine? (So do you think this guy, thinks about dick much?)
cindifromsc (11:31:06 PM): lol no
flxnonya (11:31:18 PM): what iz your #?
cindifromsc (11:31:45 PM): i have 2 call u. my mom has the caller id locked in her room.
flxnonya (11:32:13 PM): i'm long distance, i'll block my #
cindifromsc (11:32:39 PM): i cant give it out. i have callin cards my dad gave me. ill u se thouse
flxnonya (11:33:02 PM): 843-324-4224 (Verified by Blue Silver PJ.)
flxnonya (11:35:06 PM): hello
cindifromsc (11:35:14 PM): hey.
cindifromsc (11:35:20 PM): sorry yahoo disconnected.
flxnonya (11:35:27 PM): watcha gonna do?
cindifromsc (11:35:28 PM): whats ur name. im cindi.
flxnonya (11:35:37 PM): D
flxnonya (11:36:02 PM): WHEN R U GONA CALL?
cindifromsc (11:36:12 PM): in just a minute or two.
flxnonya (11:37:17 PM): i'm hard
cindifromsc (11:37:37 PM): i have 2 wait 4 my phone 2 charge some.
cindifromsc (11:37:40 PM): just a few.
flxnonya (11:37:46 PM): ok
cindifromsc (11:37:51 PM): so what u wanna talk aobut?
flxnonya (11:38:08 PM): how many fingers can u get in your pussy?
cindifromsc (11:38:28 PM): lol like 2
cindifromsc (11:39:14 PM): whats ur name?
flxnonya (11:39:32 PM): do u have anything u can use 4 a dick
flxnonya (11:39:34 PM): D
cindifromsc (11:39:58 PM): lol
cindifromsc (11:40:00 PM): no
cindifromsc (11:40:01 PM): why?
flxnonya (11:40:20 PM): i'm gona get u ready (WTF? He is asking if I have anything lying around my house that I can use to put inside myself.)
cindifromsc (11:40:23 PM): whats ur name?
flxnonya (11:40:30 PM): D is my name (Yeah I asked three times.)
flxnonya (11:40:44 PM): are u gona take it in da ass too?
cindifromsc (11:41:29 PM): doesnt that hurt?
flxnonya (11:41:56 PM): nah, i'll be gentle (Well isn't that comforting to know.)
cindifromsc (11:42:00 PM): k
flxnonya (11:42:21 PM): hurry up i can be thereb4 your mom gets home
cindifromsc (11:42:37 PM): ok.
flxnonya (11:43:20 PM): have u had your pussy eaten yet?
cindifromsc (11:43:25 PM): no
cindifromsc (11:43:49 PM): how long will it take u 2 get here?
flxnonya (11:44:02 PM): did those guys try to put their dick in u?
cindifromsc (11:44:07 PM): no
flxnonya (11:44:07 PM): an hour
cindifromsc (11:44:08 PM): lol
cindifromsc (11:44:10 PM): ok
cindifromsc (11:44:15 PM): ur gonna come tonite?
flxnonya (11:44:24 PM): if u talk rite
flxnonya (11:44:32 PM): if not 2morrow
cindifromsc (11:44:35 PM): k
cindifromsc (11:45:14 PM): u gonna bring condoms?
cindifromsc (11:45:18 PM): I dont wanna get preggers.
flxnonya (11:45:24 PM): ok
flxnonya (11:45:44 PM): i'm not gona use a condom, but i wont cum in u (Isn't that nice. Possibly give the child an STD while your at it.)
cindifromsc (11:45:50 PM): k
flxnonya (11:46:19 PM): what part of columbia do u live in?
cindifromsc (11:46:30 PM): east side.
cindifromsc (11:46:37 PM): Forest Acres area
cindifromsc (11:46:46 PM): im gonna call now.
flxnonya (11:46:53 PM): ok
cindifromsc (11:48:01 PM): what happened? (His camera died. And just so you know I had to watch this sick bastard on webcam the whole time. I have several nice screen captures including some of him exposing himself. I'll make them all available in follow up.)

(Here Blue Silver PJ called and spoke with D. She told me that he wanted phone sex now and was going to come over tomorrow night as it was already so late. He told her to call him tomorrow at 5:00PM so that he could come over then. D said he wanted to have a good long time to give me his dick.)

Wednesday April 7th 2004 - Timestamps represent PDT

flxnonya (4/7/2004 8:27:04 PM): r u there?

(That was an offline waiting for me when I logged on today. He must have wondered why I never called.)

Well there you have it folks. D wants to come over and take my virginity. He also has that disturbing line under his occupation in his yahoo profile stating that his occupation is "teachin da kids to count."

D doesn't have a clue he is famous yet...

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