This just in: Jimster7 is a disgusting pervert; pleads guilty. This, and more, at 11.
Bust by Don Pedro @ 12/21/2007 1:55 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Jim, 41
AOL IM: Jimster7
Location: Palm Springs, California

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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit LBninja92, a 13 year old boy
... or so they thought!

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Folks, meet Jim. Jim is a locally famous former-TV news anchor in the Palm Springs, California area. Of course, I didn't know that at the time of the chat - he was just another pervert who was preying on my underage decoy.

Jim got himself a lawyer and fought the charges hard. One of his main defenses is that he thought he was talking to an adult. After you read this chat log, you will be as dumbfounded as I was when he made that defense - not only does he make no reference to me being an adult, he makes comments about my underage status in multiple locations during the chat! Oh, and newsflash, Jim: Pleading guilty is admitting guilt. When you pleaded guilty, you admitted that you were in the wrong and committed a criminal act. An innocent person, like you claim to be, does not plead guilty. An innocent person goes in front of a jury of their peers to be found not guilty.

Read on, and be thoroughly disgusted:

Begin IM - 3/22/2006 11:54 PM
Jimster7 [11:54 P.M.]: u hard?
LBninja92 [11:54 PM]: hi
LBninja92 [11:54 PM]: uhmm no lol y should i be? :)
Jimster7 [11:54 PM]: sure
LBninja92 [11:55 PM]: kwel
LBninja92 [11:55 PM]: 13 m palm springs u (I just can't understand how this asshat claims he knew he was talking to an adult the entire time. Well, I guess in the context of saying anything to get his perverted ass out of trouble, I can.)
Jimster7 [11:55 PM]: ohhhhh my
LBninja92 [11:55 PM]: ya ook i kno im sorry
LBninja92 [11:55 PM]: ttyl have a good nite (Could I have made it ANY easier for him to quit the conversation?)
LBninja92 [11:55 PM]: no1 likez me :(
Jimster7 [11:55 PM]: lol... u know u were in a gay chat room for sorta adults (Well, you aren't so definitive about it being an adult chatroom in this chat log, are ya Jim?)
LBninja92 [11:56 PM]: well i dunno where else 2 go 2 talk to gay peeps
Jimster7 [11:56 PM]: I think there are gay teen chats,,, (Okay, we all know that you thought you were conversing with a real kid, Jim. You are fooling nobody but yourself.)
LBninja92 [11:56 PM]: i wanna kno some stuff
LBninja92 [11:56 PM]: i cant find ne
LBninja92 [11:56 PM]: and i dont wanna run into some1 i kno
Jimster7 [11:57 PM]: haha ok... so how big is your dick? (Because that's the first question anyone thinks to ask a 13-year-old. Ugh.)
LBninja92 [11:57 PM]: like 5\"
LBninja92 [11:57 PM]: urs?
Jimster7 [11:57 PM]: lol.. u had your first sexy gay chat!!!! HAHA (lol... u are a pervert!!!! HAHA.)
Jimster7 [11:57 PM]: 7
LBninja92 [11:57 PM]: lol
LBninja92 [11:57 PM]: well not my 1st lol but thanx :)
LBninja92 [11:57 PM]: my 3rd :)
LBninja92 [11:58 PM]: 2 other peeps ask me that when I lived in Laguna
Jimster7 [11:58 PM]: ohh thats good
LBninja92 [11:58 PM]: yaaaa
LBninja92 [11:58 PM]: :)
LBninja92 [11:58 PM]: u liv in Palm Springs?
Jimster7 [11:58 PM]: I do.. so have u messed around with a guy yet? (So it begins...)
LBninja92 [11:59 PM]: me? no not rlly
LBninja92 [11:59 PM]: have u?
Jimster7 [11:59 PM]: well maybe sometime u will
LBninja92 [11:59 PM]: ya
LBninja92 [11:59 PM]: i hope so :)
Jimster7 [11:59 PM]: good
LBninja92 [11:59 PM]: i am like the last virgin at my school i sware
Jimster7 [12:00 AM]: ohh please...
Jimster7 [12:00 AM]: I'm sure there are others
LBninja92 [12:00 AM]: i dunno man
Jimster7 [12:00 AM]: u hispanic?
LBninja92 [12:00 AM]: like they all talk about gettin head n shit
LBninja92 [12:00 AM]: no
LBninja92 [12:00 AM]: r u?
Jimster7 [12:00 AM]: getting head and giving head are fun
Jimster7 [12:00 AM]: I'm white
LBninja92 [12:00 AM]: ok me 2
LBninja92 [12:01 AM]: i kno thats what every1 sez!
Jimster7 [12:01 AM]: is your dick cut or uncut
LBninja92 [12:01 AM]: cut i think
LBninja92 [12:01 AM]: that means circemsized rite?
Jimster7 [12:01 AM]: that means u don't have that extra skin over your dick head (Yeah, you have to explain shit like this, but you still thought you were talking to an adult? Riiight..)
LBninja92 [12:01 AM]: ya
Jimster7 [12:01 AM]: right
LBninja92 [12:01 AM]: ok
LBninja92 [12:01 AM]: yes i am then :)
Jimster7 [12:02 AM]: so what part of ps do u live in
LBninja92 [12:02 AM]: uhm lol u aint gunna stalk me RU? lol
Jimster7 [12:02 AM]: lol....
Jimster7 [12:02 AM]: stalking bores me (So setting up sexual liaisons with kids is more your thing?)
LBninja92 [12:02 AM]: O ok lol
LBninja92 [12:03 AM]: im kinda by the airport
Jimster7 [12:03 AM]: so u in the north/south
Jimster7 [12:03 AM]: gotcha
LBninja92 [12:03 AM]: u?
Jimster7 [12:03 AM]: I live by smoketree... u know that? (No, but thank you for sharing.)
LBninja92 [12:03 AM]: even tho im terrible w directons lol
LBninja92 [12:03 AM]:
LBninja92 [12:03 AM]: lol
LBninja92 [12:03 AM]: o wait mebbie
Jimster7 [12:04 AM]: basically sunrise and 111
LBninja92 [12:04 AM]: aah ok
LBninja92 [12:04 AM]: i think i kno where that is
LBninja92 [12:04 AM]: not that far from me
LBninja92 [12:05 AM]: not at all lol
LBninja92 [12:05 AM]: i live on sunrise way lol
LBninja92 [12:07 AM]: u therre?
Jimster7 [12:08 AM]: I am
Jimster7 [12:08 AM]: I live close to sunrise way... where the ralphs is on sunrise and palm canyon
LBninja92 [12:09 AM]: ooo ok
LBninja92 [12:10 AM]: I live across from Sunrise Park kinda
LBninja92 [12:10 AM]: sorta
Jimster7 [12:10 AM]: gotcha
LBninja92 [12:10 AM]: not far then huh lol
Jimster7 [12:11 AM]: so u are sunrise and what street?
LBninja92 [12:11 AM]: Ramon
Jimster7 [12:12 AM]: yup... u are close,,, I rent DVDs at the Blockbuster there
LBninja92 [12:12 AM]: lol kewl
Jimster7 [12:13 AM]: theres also some aspen mill bakery I buy crap at
LBninja92 [12:13 AM]: sweet so now u kno where I live :-p
Jimster7 [12:13 AM]: not really
Jimster7 [12:13 AM]: but I know where u sort of are
LBninja92 [12:13 AM]: well ya
LBninja92 [12:14 AM]: kewl i never talk to anyone so close be4 :)
Jimster7 [12:14 AM]: I didn't think there were houses at sunrise and ramon tho,,, there are apartments,,,,
LBninja92 [12:15 AM]: well ya
LBninja92 [12:15 AM]: i live in an apt w my mom
LBninja92 [12:15 AM]: her n my dad just got a divorce
Jimster7 [12:15 AM]: I see....
LBninja92 [12:15 AM]: yep
LBninja92 [12:15 AM]: u have a house?
Jimster7 [12:15 AM]: I do (Apparently all this talk about housing is the perfect segue into talking about...)
LBninja92 [12:16 AM]: kewl
LBninja92 [12:16 AM]: i miss livin in a house kinda
Jimster7 [12:16 AM]: so when u jerk off do u cum a lot (...the kid's masturbation habits!)
LBninja92 [12:16 AM]: ya sometimes like a lake!
LBninja92 [12:16 AM]: sometime s ill hit the wall behind me 2
LBninja92 [12:16 AM]: lol
LBninja92 [12:16 AM]: i hate that!
Jimster7 [12:16 AM]: wow.. really?
LBninja92 [12:16 AM]: ya
LBninja92 [12:16 AM]: u ever do that?
Jimster7 [12:16 AM]: nah
LBninja92 [12:17 AM]: no?
LBninja92 [12:17 AM]: so im a freak?
Jimster7 [12:17 AM]: nope,,,
LBninja92 [12:17 AM]: ok good lol
Jimster7 [12:17 AM]: I know plenty of guys who shoot like that
Jimster7 [12:17 AM]: I'm just not one of em
LBninja92 [12:17 AM]: ahhhhh ok good
LBninja92 [12:17 AM]: lol i dunno how i do it
LBninja92 [12:17 AM]: it just happens
Jimster7 [12:18 AM]: maybe I can suck u off and see how u shoot in my mouth (Well, aren't you the generous fellow.)
LBninja92 [12:18 AM]: omg rlly??
LBninja92 [12:18 AM]: :)
Jimster7 [12:18 AM]: sure...
Jimster7 [12:18 AM]: but u know what will happen?
LBninja92 [12:18 AM]: whut
Jimster7 [12:18 AM]: cause its so new.. you'll like cum in 30 secs.. always happens when ya start ('New'..'start'...but he thought he was talking to an adult. Riiight.)
LBninja92 [12:19 AM]: o fuck
LBninja92 [12:19 AM]: that aint good tho is it?
Jimster7 [12:19 AM]: its cool
LBninja92 [12:19 AM]: sometime when I JO it takes that long
LBninja92 [12:19 AM]: if im really wound up
LBninja92 [12:19 AM]: lol
Jimster7 [12:19 AM]: I know but u will be really excited and so u will cum fast cause its such a new experience
Jimster7 [12:19 AM]: happens to EVERYBODY (Readers of PeeJ: Meet the real Jimster7.)
LBninja92 [12:20 AM]: :)
LBninja92 [12:20 AM]: sweet!
LBninja92 [12:20 AM]: hehee
Jimster7 [12:20 AM]: then u learn to control it....
LBninja92 [12:20 AM]: oo ok
Jimster7 [12:20 AM]: just takes practice,,,,
Jimster7 [12:20 AM]: LOL
LBninja92 [12:20 AM]: so it last longer than 30 sec
LBninja92 [12:20 AM]: lol
Jimster7 [12:20 AM]: sure when u get used to getting sucked
Jimster7 [12:21 AM]: but first you will like \"BAMMM\" haha
LBninja92 [12:21 AM]: BAAAM!!!
LBninja92 [12:21 AM]: lol sounds FUN
Jimster7 [12:21 AM]: fast cums can be cool...
LBninja92 [12:21 AM]: ya?
LBninja92 [12:21 AM]: kewl :)
Jimster7 [12:22 AM]: u ever put your mouth on a cock?
LBninja92 [12:22 AM]: no
Jimster7 [12:22 AM]: gotcha
LBninja92 [12:22 AM]: i would like to mebbie try it tho
LBninja92 [12:22 AM]: it looks fun
LBninja92 [12:22 AM]: i take it uve done it be4
Jimster7 [12:23 AM]: sure.. I'm an adult, (Right, you're the ADULT, which means you should know better.)
LBninja92 [12:23 AM]: lol ya
LBninja92 [12:23 AM]: u like it?
Jimster7 [12:23 AM]: its blast
LBninja92 [12:23 AM]: LOL BAAAM!
Jimster7 [12:23 AM]: generally a good way to start is to just get sucked and see how ya like it
LBninja92 [12:24 AM]: ok
Jimster7 [12:25 AM]: then maybe u suck on a cock.. its fun.. suckin AND getting sucked
LBninja92 [12:25 AM]: yea!
LBninja92 [12:25 AM]: u like nething else? or is that ur favorite?
Jimster7 [12:26 AM]: suckins cool... fuckin
LBninja92 [12:26 AM]: fuckin like giving the sex or taking it?
Jimster7 [12:26 AM]: both
Jimster7 [12:26 AM]: fuckin ass
LBninja92 [12:26 AM]: OIC
LBninja92 [12:26 AM]: yeah
LBninja92 [12:26 AM]: which 1 u like more?
LBninja92 [12:26 AM]: i hear taking it hurts
Jimster7 [12:27 AM]: u gotta take it easy
Jimster7 [12:27 AM]: I like fuckin more
LBninja92 [12:27 AM]: O ok
Jimster7 [12:27 AM]: but I like both
LBninja92 [12:27 AM]: IC
LBninja92 [12:27 AM]: I nevr done either so I dunno yet!
Jimster7 [12:28 AM]: ya... just start with suckin,,,and jerkin another guys dick
LBninja92 [12:28 AM]: ok
LBninja92 [12:28 AM]: i kinda done that be4
LBninja92 [12:29 AM]: me n my buddy were playing truth or dare and we dare eachother to get naked n show our dicks to etachother n then he dare me to touch his
Jimster7 [12:29 AM]: u jerked another guys dick b4?
Jimster7 [12:29 AM]: nice
LBninja92 [12:29 AM]: but after that he like freak out on me n didnt want 2 be my friend nemore :(
LBninja92 [12:29 AM]: then i moved
LBninja92 [12:29 AM]: so whatever
Jimster7 [12:29 AM]: that happens a lot
LBninja92 [12:29 AM]: rlly?
Jimster7 [12:30 AM]: a young guy tries something and then he freaks out
Jimster7 [12:30 AM]: cause he can't believe he liked it and it scares him
LBninja92 [12:30 AM]: o i c
LBninja92 [12:30 AM]: it didnt scare me tho lol
Jimster7 [12:30 AM]: so he pretends he didn't really like it and he turns his back on the guy he tried it with
Jimster7 [12:31 AM]: don't worry about it
LBninja92 [12:31 AM]: ic...
LBninja92 [12:31 AM]: ok
LBninja92 [12:31 AM]: i aint to much
LBninja92 [12:31 AM]: tho i think he start a rumor in my old school that im gay...
LBninja92 [12:31 AM]: i dunno tho i dont rlly talk to ne of them nemore
Jimster7 [12:31 AM]: sure... classic
Jimster7 [12:31 AM]: he wants to make sure no one thinks hes gay
LBninja92 [12:32 AM]: ya i guess
LBninja92 [12:32 AM]: i didtn tell no 1
Jimster7 [12:32 AM]: so he says u are
LBninja92 [12:32 AM]: i aint to worried about it but i just dont want no1 at my school now to find out
LBninja92 [12:32 AM]: so dont tell ne1 lol
Jimster7 [12:32 AM]: lol
Jimster7 [12:32 AM]: u are just experimenting,,haha
LBninja92 [12:33 AM]: uhhh ok lol
Jimster7 [12:33 AM]: wonder when I can suck yours (Anxious as all hell now.)
LBninja92 [12:33 AM]: hmmm...
Jimster7 [12:34 AM]: hehe
LBninja92 [12:34 AM]: well
LBninja92 [12:34 AM]: :)
LBninja92 [12:34 AM]: my ma'z takin me 2 my grammas this weekend :(
LBninja92 [12:34 AM]: but like next wk i my mom works late tues n wed so ill be home by myself those nites
Jimster7 [12:34 AM]: I bet it would be fun to see how hard u shoot in my mouth (Jeez I could damn near bold every perverted line this jackass said.)
LBninja92 [12:34 AM]: lol hehehehe
LBninja92 [12:34 AM]: damn dood
LBninja92 [12:34 AM]: ure gettin me work up
Jimster7 [12:35 AM]: guess i could suck u in my car,,, hehe
LBninja92 [12:36 AM]: lol well my place iz kinda small my ma would hear me leavin :(
Jimster7 [12:36 AM]: sure.... can U go out at 7p thursday night to take a walk,,, hehe
LBninja92 [12:37 AM]: hehehe
LBninja92 [12:37 AM]: i wont be hear tho :(
LBninja92 [12:37 AM]: we leave tomorrow aftrnoon to go to seattle
LBninja92 [12:37 AM]: :( :( :(
LBninja92 [12:37 AM]: io m sorry
Jimster7 [12:38 AM]: ohhhhhhh
LBninja92 [12:38 AM]: Im sad now RU mad at me?
LBninja92 [12:39 AM]: fuck we may not make it there her car is a piece of shit lol
Jimster7 [12:39 AM]: lol... of course not
LBninja92 [12:39 AM]: ok kewl :)
LBninja92 [12:39 AM]: u have a nice ride?
Jimster7 [12:39 AM]: why would I be mad
LBninja92 [12:39 AM]: i dunno
Jimster7 [12:39 AM]: its ok
LBninja92 [12:39 AM]: ok
LBninja92 [12:39 AM]: sweet :)
Jimster7 [12:39 AM]: 2 bad u can't come out for 30 secs right now... (Yeah sorry, the police weren't quite ready for you yet.)
Jimster7 [12:39 AM]: lol
LBninja92 [12:40 AM]: yea :( i know i would be a deadman tho lol
LBninja92 [12:40 AM]: TRUST ME i would if i could
Jimster7 [12:40 AM]: u have a pic of your naked bod? (Yes, let's ask the young boy for kiddie porn. I'm pretty sure guys do this because they know that a cop will never have naked pics, and, for some of them, what's one more picture in the ol' collection.)
LBninja92 [12:40 AM]: :( no sorry
LBninja92 [12:40 AM]: i just got 1 pic
LBninja92 [12:40 AM]: do u have 1?
Jimster7 [12:40 AM]: one sec.. u can send yours
LBninja92 [12:40 AM]: ok
LBninja92 [12:41 AM]: my namez Alex BTW
LBninja92 [12:41 AM]: R U Jim?
Jimster7 [12:42 AM]: ya.. u like mine?
LBninja92 [12:42 AM]: OMG! yea :) thanx

(Here are links to the two XXX pics he sent me:)

Jimster7 [12:43 AM]: cool... wish I could suck u off and swallow all your cum now (Now see, here is how I know that Jim thinks that I am a real kid - he is so impatient that if he had thought I was an adult, he wouldn't have accepted the excuse that I couldn't leave the house because of my mother.)
LBninja92 [12:43 AM]: i kno!
LBninja92 [12:43 AM]: dammit...
LBninja92 [12:43 AM]: lemme see whatshez up to
LBninja92 [12:43 AM]: brb
LBninja92 [12:45 AM]: hmm
LBninja92 [12:45 AM]: she still awak
LBninja92 [12:45 AM]: e:(
Jimster7 [12:45 AM]: hehe
Jimster7 [12:46 AM]: my hard on is throbbin,,, 7 inches,,
LBninja92 [12:47 AM]: OMG
LBninja92 [12:47 AM]: hehe
LBninja92 [12:47 AM]: mine did when i look at ur pics
Jimster7 [12:48 AM]: nice,,, u gotta digital cam?
LBninja92 [12:48 AM]: no :( do u?
Jimster7 [12:49 AM]: or a phone cam
LBninja92 [12:49 AM]: no
Jimster7 [12:49 AM]: u could take a naked sexy pic of u
Jimster7 [12:49 AM]: LOL
LBninja92 [12:49 AM]: lol if I had a cam!
LBninja92 [12:49 AM]: do u have 1?
Jimster7 [12:49 AM]: I do
LBninja92 [12:49 AM]: rlly?????
LBninja92 [12:49 AM]: kewwwwwwllll
LBninja92 [12:50 AM]: u think u could take sum for me?
Jimster7 [12:50 AM]: hehe,, could work
LBninja92 [12:50 AM]: so i can have some othr than that one?
LBninja92 [12:50 AM]: SSWWEEET
LBninja92 [12:50 AM]: :)
LBninja92 [12:50 AM]: u rule :)
LBninja92 [12:50 AM]: I always wantd more pix
LBninja92 [12:50 AM]: i hate that one
LBninja92 [12:50 AM]: i scan it in computer class for an assgnment one day
LBninja92 [12:50 AM]: thats how i got it
Jimster7 [12:50 AM]: I just thought of me totally swallowing your entire cock in my mouth
LBninja92 [12:51 AM]: :)
LBninja92 [12:51 AM]: u can put it all in there at once?
Jimster7 [12:52 AM]: ya.. if its smaller,, hehe
LBninja92 [12:52 AM]: oo ok lol that s me i gues
Jimster7 [12:53 AM]: I'm naked .. jerking off right now,,, wish I could drive by and suck u good
LBninja92 [12:54 AM]: OMG
LBninja92 [12:55 AM]: :)
LBninja92 [12:55 AM]: i gunna have to JO now thanx!
Jimster7 [12:55 AM]: yum
LBninja92 [12:56 AM]: :)
LBninja92 [12:56 AM]: :-D
LBninja92 [12:56 AM]: can i ask if u got a kewl ride?
Jimster7 [12:57 AM]: its alright
LBninja92 [12:57 AM]: can i ask what type it is? u dont gotta tell me exactly
LBninja92 [12:57 AM]: i just luv cars :)
LBninja92 [12:57 AM]: i want a nissan 350Z when i can drive
LBninja92 [12:58 AM]: THOSE KICK SO MUCH ASS!
LBninja92 [12:58 AM]: OMG
LBninja92 [12:58 AM]: heheh sorry
LBninja92 [01:00 AM]: U there?
LBninja92 [01:00 AM]: im sorry u dont have 2 ansdwre that
Jimster7 [01:00 AM]: no... I went into the kitchen,,, I'm not a car guy
LBninja92 [01:00 AM]: Ahh ok srry :)
LBninja92 [01:01 AM]: its kewl
LBninja92 [01:01 AM]: u like drinking?
Jimster7 [01:01 AM]: yup
LBninja92 [01:01 AM]: hehehe me 2 its fun!
LBninja92 [01:01 AM]: my ma has vodka sometimez i steal sum n put water bac in it lol
LBninja92 [01:03 AM]: he ill brb im gunna run 2 the kit now and the bathroom 2 lol
Jimster7 [01:04 AM]: ;-)
LBninja92 [01:16 AM]: hwody
LBninja92 [01:16 AM]: sorry that took so long
LBninja92 [01:16 AM]: my ma needed me
Jimster7 [01:17 AM]: its cool... I'm just jerkin on my couch
LBninja92 [01:17 AM]: sweet
LBninja92 [01:18 AM]: havin fun? lol
Jimster7 [01:18 AM]: yup... wishin I was on your dick (At this point I'm really thinkin that you are a sick and dangerous man.)
LBninja92 [01:18 AM]: lolol
Jimster7 [01:19 AM]: u in school tomorrow?
LBninja92 [01:19 AM]: yea :(
LBninja92 [01:19 AM]: sux
Jimster7 [01:20 AM]: and after school.. u are leaving right away?
LBninja92 [01:20 AM]: yeah :( actually a lil early my ma pickin me up at school before the end of the day
Jimster7 [01:20 AM]: sounds fun
Jimster7 [01:20 AM]: ;-)
LBninja92 [01:20 AM]: ahhhh
LBninja92 [01:20 AM]: lemme think about that
LBninja92 [01:20 AM]: uhm
LBninja92 [01:20 AM]: NO
LBninja92 [01:20 AM]: lol
Jimster7 [01:20 AM]: hehe
LBninja92 [01:20 AM]: should i fake sick n see if i can stay bymyself all weekend? lol
Jimster7 [01:21 AM]: hehe maybe theres a way for u to stick your cock outta your bedroom window and i can suck it,,,,, LOL
LBninja92 [01:21 AM]: LOL uhhhh
LBninja92 [01:21 AM]: nope
LBninja92 [01:21 AM]: sorry :(
Jimster7 [01:22 AM]: just having fun with that idea,,,
LBninja92 [01:22 AM]: :-D
LBninja92 [01:22 AM]: it aint big enuf lol
Jimster7 [01:24 AM]: I'm picturing me layin down on my bed naked... stomach to the bed and u just get on and put your lubed dick right in my butt and u pump me until u shoot a big load
LBninja92 [01:24 AM]: OMG
LBninja92 [01:24 AM]: rlly?
LBninja92 [01:24 AM]: woow
LBninja92 [01:24 AM]: :)
LBninja92 [01:24 AM]: thats kewl
Jimster7 [01:24 AM]: sorta hot
LBninja92 [01:24 AM]: uh ya :)
Jimster7 [01:26 AM]: u know whats fun,,, 69,,, we both suck on each others cocks at the same time (Sexual Education 101, with Jimster7.)
LBninja92 [01:26 AM]: ohh yea i hear about that :) that doez sound fun
LBninja92 [01:27 AM]: kewl
LBninja92 [01:27 AM]: :)
LBninja92 [01:27 AM]: r u tall?
Jimster7 [01:27 AM]: 5-10
LBninja92 [01:28 AM]: o ik
LBninja92 [01:28 AM]: not that much taller
Jimster7 [01:28 AM]: how tall are u?
LBninja92 [01:28 AM]: 5 6
Jimster7 [01:28 AM]: cool
LBninja92 [01:29 AM]: a shortie :)(
Jimster7 [01:29 AM]: I could always kiss u 2
Jimster7 [01:29 AM]: LOL
LBninja92 [01:29 AM]: LOL
LBninja92 [01:29 AM]: kewlll :)
LBninja92 [01:30 AM]: grr brb
LBninja92 [01:32 AM]: hey im sorry i g2g for now
LBninja92 [01:32 AM]: ill see if i can sign back online tho in a few hrs
Jimster7 [01:32 AM]: u bet,,,
LBninja92 [01:32 AM]: after she goez 2 sleep
LBninja92 [01:32 AM]: if ure on kewl
LBninja92 [01:32 AM]: if not it was good 2 meet u :)
Jimster7 [01:32 AM]: if not,,, then maybe tues or wed
LBninja92 [01:32 AM]: can i talk to u again?
LBninja92 [01:32 AM]: yeah definately!
LBninja92 [01:32 AM]: kewl :)
Jimster7 [01:32 AM]: cool
LBninja92 [01:32 AM]: have a good nite Jim
LBninja92 [01:32 AM]: I'll think of u
Jimster7 [01:32 AM]: u 2
LBninja92 [01:33 AM]: gnite
Jimster7 [01:33 AM]: me 2

End IM - 3/23/2006 01:33 AM

Begin IM - 3/27/2006 12:46 AM
LBninja92 [12:46 A.M.]: hey im back
LBninja92 [12:46 AM]: :)
LBninja92 [12:46 AM]: but ill brb i gotta sign off for a sec
Jimster7 [12:46 AM]: ok

End IM - 3/27/2006 12:46 AM

Begin IM - 3/27/2006 01:24 AM
Jimster7 [1:24 A.M.]: u back early?
LBninja92 [01:26 AM]: lil bit
LBninja92 [01:26 AM]: sup
LBninja92 [01:26 AM]: u have a good weekend?
Jimster7 [01:27 AM]: I did.. yup
LBninja92 [01:27 AM]: sweet!
Jimster7 [01:27 AM]: ;-)
LBninja92 [01:28 AM]: thats good to hear
Jimster7 [01:28 AM]: u have any fun?
LBninja92 [01:28 AM]: eeeeh
LBninja92 [01:28 AM]: coula been funner
LBninja92 [01:28 AM]: lol
Jimster7 [01:28 AM]: haha
LBninja92 [01:30 AM]: dammit ill brb again
LBninja92 [01:30 AM]: srry theyre buggin the hell outta me

End IM - 3/27/2006 01:30 AM

Begin IM - 3/27/2006 11:03 PM
LBninja92 [11:03 P.M.]: hello
Jimster7 [11:03 PM]: hiya
LBninja92 [11:03 PM]: how r u tonite?
Jimster7 [11:03 PM]: I'm doing great
Jimster7 [11:04 PM]: how bout u?
LBninja92 [11:04 PM]: awesum
LBninja92 [11:04 PM]: im ok :)
Jimster7 [11:04 PM]: yup.. sometimes... thats the answer to that question... \"ok\"
LBninja92 [11:04 PM]: yah
LBninja92 [11:04 PM]: r u busy?
Jimster7 [11:05 PM]: just doing some chores... I'm cool...
LBninja92 [11:05 PM]: chores!!! that sux
Jimster7 [11:05 PM]: nah,, its cool... just some laundry
LBninja92 [11:05 PM]: laundry blowes
Jimster7 [11:05 PM]: haha
Jimster7 [11:06 PM]: try doing it naked..its more fun (Even doing laundry has sexual connotations to this guy.)
Jimster7 [11:06 PM]: :-D
LBninja92 [11:06 PM]: hhahaha OMG ure doi n it nekkid??
Jimster7 [11:06 PM]: and hard
LBninja92 [11:06 PM]: OMG
LBninja92 [11:06 PM]: isnt that distracting u?
Jimster7 [11:06 PM]: nah
LBninja92 [11:07 PM]: y r u hard?
Jimster7 [11:08 PM]: u know
Jimster7 [11:08 PM]: horny,,, needin to shoot one on the wall
LBninja92 [11:08 PM]: lol
LBninja92 [11:08 PM]: me 2
Jimster7 [11:08 PM]: HAHA
Jimster7 [11:09 PM]: fun
LBninja92 [11:09 PM]: yea almost as fun as LAUNDRY LOL
Jimster7 [11:09 PM]: alllmost
LBninja92 [11:10 PM]: So u work 2morrow?
Jimster7 [11:11 PM]: nah
LBninja92 [11:11 PM]: no? rlly?
LBninja92 [11:11 PM]: lucky u
Jimster7 [11:12 PM]: yup... so u hard?
LBninja92 [11:12 PM]: no not yet
LBninja92 [11:12 PM]: sorry :(
Jimster7 [11:13 PM]: no.. its cool.... I was only kiddin abouy me being naked and hard.... (Somehow I doubt that - you probably just realized that you were sounding like a disgusting pervert.)
Jimster7 [11:13 PM]: LOL
LBninja92 [11:13 PM]: oh lol
LBninja92 [11:13 PM]: joker
Jimster7 [11:13 PM]: sounded fun tho
LBninja92 [11:13 PM]: :-D
LBninja92 [11:13 PM]: naked laundry
LBninja92 [11:13 PM]: at least make laundry fun
Jimster7 [11:14 PM]: I'm grabbing on my cock now a lil bit but just a il (Well apparently sounding like a disgusting pervert comes naturally.)
LBninja92 [11:14 PM]: o ya?
Jimster7 [11:14 PM]: yup
LBninja92 [11:14 PM]: damn i usually wait 2 do that until my ma goez 2 slee (Yet ANOTHER reference to the young kid's mother and the teen's house rules.)
LBninja92 [11:14 PM]: p
LBninja92 [11:14 PM]: lol
LBninja92 [11:15 PM]: i would hate 4 her 2 bust me
LBninja92 [11:15 PM]: lol
Jimster7 [11:15 PM]: makes sense
LBninja92 [11:15 PM]: u live alone? (As many times as I try to change the subject...)
Jimster7 [11:15 PM]: I do...
LBninja92 [11:15 PM]: LUCKY
Jimster7 [11:15 PM]: u normally jack off in your bed (...Jim brings it right back to sex.)
LBninja92 [11:15 PM]: yeah
LBninja92 [11:15 PM]: where do u do it?
Jimster7 [11:16 PM]: my bed mostly
LBninja92 [11:16 PM]: kewl
Jimster7 [11:16 PM]: can't wait to put my mouth on your cock head...
LBninja92 [11:17 PM]: :)
Jimster7 [11:17 PM]: haha.. or not
LBninja92 [11:17 PM]: hot
LBninja92 [11:17 PM]: noooo
LBninja92 [11:17 PM]: yes
Jimster7 [11:17 PM]: kewl
LBninja92 [11:18 PM]: u 4 real dont work 2morroe?
Jimster7 [11:18 PM]: nope... I bet u are just gonna blast into my mouth
LBninja92 [11:18 PM]: omg
LBninja92 [11:18 PM]: ya :)
LBninja92 [11:18 PM]: u say i ll only last for like 20 sec rite?
Jimster7 [11:19 PM]: I bet
Jimster7 [11:19 PM]: so don't be bummed.. its normal
LBninja92 [11:19 PM]: k
LBninja92 [11:19 PM]: mebbie we can do htat more than 1x?
Jimster7 [11:19 PM]: sure... if u u get older... u control it more
LBninja92 [11:20 PM]: ya i hope so 20 sec is nuttin
LBninja92 [11:20 PM]: lol
Jimster7 [11:21 PM]: I mean... 20 secs might be a lil bit of an exaggeration
LBninja92 [11:21 PM]: 40 sec?? lol
Jimster7 [11:21 PM]: lets guess... one minute
LBninja92 [11:21 PM]: ooo k
LBninja92 [11:21 PM]: well thats so much better lol
Jimster7 [11:22 PM]: generally your body reacts that way went u aren't used to it... u are like pow,,, this feels greaaaattt... I'm gonna BLOWWW ( comment.)
LBninja92 [11:22 PM]: and then BLAMMO!
LBninja92 [11:22 PM]: hahahha
Jimster7 [11:23 PM]: I beet u are gonna ram the back of my throat with your jet of cummm
LBninja92 [11:24 PM]: hehe
LBninja92 [11:24 PM]: well ill do my best!
LBninja92 [11:24 PM]: tho i bet it wont be a problem
Jimster7 [11:25 PM]: hmm.. maybe you'll wanna bob on my knob
Jimster7 [11:25 PM]: lol
LBninja92 [11:25 PM]: hmm
LBninja92 [11:25 PM]: k
Jimster7 [11:25 PM]: I'm really only kidding about that...
LBninja92 [11:25 PM]: well
LBninja92 [11:25 PM]: i mean i thinkin that i do wanna try that...
LBninja92 [11:25 PM]: i mean im gnna have 2 try it sometime rite?
Jimster7 [11:25 PM]: thats cool
LBninja92 [11:26 PM]: it cant be that bad every1 likez doin it i talk 2
LBninja92 [11:26 PM]: :)
Jimster7 [11:26 PM]: depends on how u like getting sucked off
LBninja92 [11:26 PM]: yeah
LBninja92 [11:27 PM]: damimt i dont wanna go 2 sschool tomorow
Jimster7 [11:27 PM]: hahaha
Jimster7 [11:27 PM]: thats cool
LBninja92 [11:27 PM]: what that i dont wanna go? lol
Jimster7 [11:28 PM]: ya... that are u are so excited
LBninja92 [11:28 PM]: hehehe
Jimster7 [11:28 PM]: 2 bad I can't drive by and blow ya quick now... boom ... right into my mouth (Yet another push for an immediate meeting...)
LBninja92 [11:28 PM]: i never met ne1 as kewl as u online here
LBninja92 [11:28 PM]: :)
LBninja92 [11:28 PM]: OMG that would rule 2 bad my ma would hear me leavin the apt (...and yet another reminder that he's talking to a young kid that lives with his mother and has rules to follow.)
LBninja92 [11:28 PM]: lol
LBninja92 [11:29 PM]: when the door opens it goes DING DONG
Jimster7 [11:29 PM]: oh.. there are kewl people online
LBninja92 [11:29 PM]: well i get home from school at like 2
Jimster7 [11:30 PM]: coolio
LBninja92 [11:30 PM]: yep
LBninja92 [11:30 PM]: and my ma dont get home from work till like 5
Jimster7 [11:30 PM]: hmmm I gotcha
LBninja92 [11:30 PM]: u got what
Jimster7 [11:30 PM]: after 5 can u go out or no?
LBninja92 [11:31 PM]: mebbie sometimez
LBninja92 [11:31 PM]: prolly not 2morrow she wanted 2 do sumthin with me tmorrow nite
LBninja92 [11:31 PM]: maybe wed
LBninja92 [11:32 PM]: but i can let u kno
Jimster7 [11:32 PM]: k
LBninja92 [11:32 PM]: he y u wont tell no1 that im gay will u?
Jimster7 [11:33 PM]: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO one
LBninja92 [11:33 PM]: k
LBninja92 [11:33 PM]: i figgure that but just wanted 2 makes ure
Jimster7 [11:33 PM]: and u will keep quiet about me (But why? I mean, you're \"openly gay\" - why be quiet about it? Oh right! You thought you were talking with a kid the whole time.)
LBninja92 [11:33 PM]: OMG yes
Jimster7 [11:33 PM]: excellent;-)
LBninja92 [11:34 PM]: :)
Jimster7 [11:34 PM]: wish your cock was all wet in my mouth now
LBninja92 [11:34 PM]: uhh yea that would be kewl
Jimster7 [11:35 PM]: so everytime when u cum.. I wanna really hear u moan and say.. I'm gonna cum\".... ('I'm gunna BAARF'....)
LBninja92 [11:35 PM]: u want me 2 say it?
LBninja92 [11:35 PM]: k
LBninja92 [11:35 PM]: i can say that :)
Jimster7 [11:35 PM]: ya.. its a blast when u say that stuff
LBninja92 [11:35 PM]: ok
Jimster7 [11:36 PM]: if it feels good... moannn... haha
LBninja92 [11:36 PM]: see? that rulez that u r gunna teach me stuff like that I would a never known that otherwize
Jimster7 [11:36 PM]: haha.. u couldn't guess that it would be fun to moan and go...\"ohhhh yeaaaa\"
LBninja92 [11:37 PM]: OOOO YEAAAAAAAA!!!!!
LBninja92 [11:37 PM]: lol
LBninja92 [11:39 PM]: so u aint workin 2morrow huh
LBninja92 [11:39 PM]: how u get so lucky not 2 work?
Jimster7 [11:39 PM]: vacation
LBninja92 [11:39 PM]: sweet :)
LBninja92 [11:39 PM]: so what u doin tomorrow?
Jimster7 [11:40 PM]: not sure... supposed to hang with a pal...
LBninja92 [11:40 PM]: O I C
LBninja92 [11:41 PM]: well its ur vacation u do what u want 2 lol
Jimster7 [11:42 PM]: thats true... maybe I'll wak around naked
LBninja92 [11:42 PM]: all alone?
Jimster7 [11:43 PM]: haha.. maybe I should bring u over
LBninja92 [11:44 PM]: ya i think u live prtty close 2 me
LBninja92 [11:44 PM]: U kno where sunrise park is?
Jimster7 [11:45 PM]: where the library is?
LBninja92 [11:45 PM]: yup
LBninja92 [11:46 PM]: and the boys n girls club
Jimster7 [11:46 PM]: yup
LBninja92 [11:47 PM]: therez sum benches by the rock there betewen the **EDIT LOCATION** and the **EDIT LOCATION** u wanna meet me there tomrrow?
Jimster7 [11:49 PM]: we'll have to see.. depends what I'm doing,,,
LBninja92 [11:49 PM]: k
Jimster7 [11:49 PM]: where do ya live? which apts.. across the street?
LBninja92 [11:49 PM]: ya
LBninja92 [11:50 PM]: oohhhh which
LBninja92 [11:50 PM]: **EDIT LOCATION**
Jimster7 [11:50 PM]: gotcha... so u live off baristo
LBninja92 [11:51 PM]: ya u live near there?
LBninja92 [11:52 PM]: hehe dammmit dood im all xcited i hpe u can make it :)
LBninja92 [11:52 PM]: thats way kewl u live kinda close an u kno where i am n stuff
LBninja92 [11:52 PM]: just dont stalk me now lol
Jimster7 [11:53 PM]: lol
Jimster7 [11:53 PM]: night times better to meet... we'll see (Hmmm...I wonder why he prefers night times...)
LBninja92 [11:53 PM]: k like what time u think?
LBninja92 [11:53 PM]: i mite be able to sneeak out
LBninja92 [11:53 PM]: or say im goin to the library or sumthin
Jimster7 [11:54 PM]: hmmm,,, it gets real dark at 7.. we'll see (Oh I got it - he wants it to be dark so no one can see him being openly gay on a 13-year-old boy!)
LBninja92 [11:54 PM]: k
LBninja92 [11:54 PM]: brb moms wantin somethin

End IM - 3/28/2006 12:00 AM

Begin IM - 3/28/2006 10:36 PM
LBninja92 [10:36 P.M.]: HeLLo
LBninja92 [10:38 PM]: U there?
Jimster7 [10:39 PM]: hiya... I often sign on and leave the room
LBninja92 [10:39 PM]: Hi!!
LBninja92 [10:39 PM]: o ok i figgure that or somthin like that
LBninja92 [10:39 PM]: did u have a good day?
Jimster7 [10:40 PM]: it was fun... yup
LBninja92 [10:40 PM]: kewl
LBninja92 [10:40 PM]: vacation dayz r fun :)
Jimster7 [10:42 PM]: who is cody?
LBninja92 [10:42 PM]: Cody
Jimster7 [10:43 PM]: *EDIT*
LBninja92 [10:43 PM]: beats me
LBninja92 [10:44 PM]: should i kno him?
Jimster7 [10:44 PM]: both your profiles say u are 13 and in Palm springs (Thanks for indicating that you knew the kid's exact age!)
LBninja92 [10:44 PM]: ure fuckn kididn
LBninja92 [10:44 PM]: OMG
Jimster7 [10:45 PM]: and outta the blue he IMs me
Jimster7 [10:45 PM]: never heard of him
LBninja92 [10:45 PM]: :-D
LBninja92 [10:45 PM]: it was me im sorry
LBninja92 [10:46 PM]: i was tryin to see if u were online
LBninja92 [10:46 PM]: so i sign on AIM and did that
Jimster7 [10:46 PM]: U shouldn't do that stuff with me... just say its u
LBninja92 [10:46 PM]: im sorry
LBninja92 [10:46 PM]: im stupid
LBninja92 [10:46 PM]: :(
LBninja92 [10:47 PM]: i was worried u mite be mad at me
LBninja92 [10:47 PM]: and now u r
LBninja92 [10:47 PM]: and u werent be4
LBninja92 [10:47 PM]: stupid me
LBninja92 [10:49 PM]: ill never do it again
LBninja92 [10:49 PM]: im sorry
Jimster7 [10:49 PM]: its cool
LBninja92 [10:49 PM]: k ok
Jimster7 [10:49 PM]: it was just weird
LBninja92 [10:49 PM]: :)
LBninja92 [10:49 PM]: i kno i dunno y i did it im sorry
LBninja92 [10:49 PM]: i was just xcited that u were online again
Jimster7 [10:50 PM]: lol... excited about lil ole me?
LBninja92 [10:50 PM]: yea! :)
LBninja92 [10:50 PM]: i like talkin 2 u
Jimster7 [10:51 PM]: hmmm.. I don't see u takin a pic of your self all naked and hard that u can send me....LOL
LBninja92 [10:51 PM]: LOL i dont have a cam!!!
Jimster7 [10:51 PM]: NOW thats excited
LBninja92 [10:51 PM]: do u have a cam?
Jimster7 [10:51 PM]: everyone whose a teenager does.. haha (Okay, I'm getting tired of pointing out all the places where this sicko indicates he had full knowledge of the kid's age.)
LBninja92 [10:51 PM]: well i wanted a cam but my mom wont let me get one
Jimster7 [10:52 PM]: bet u an borrow one from a friend
LBninja92 [10:52 PM]: can i borrow 1 from u?
LBninja92 [10:52 PM]: ure my friend rite? :)
Jimster7 [10:53 PM]: a new one... I bet u have an older friend
Jimster7 [10:53 PM]: u can borrow it from
Jimster7 [10:53 PM]: hehe
LBninja92 [10:53 PM]: no not that i can think of
LBninja92 [10:53 PM]: :(
LBninja92 [10:53 PM]: maybe some1 from Laguna
Jimster7 [10:53 PM]: really... hmm
LBninja92 [10:54 PM]: yeaaap
LBninja92 [10:55 PM]: so what u doin tonite
Jimster7 [10:56 PM]: I was gonna watch Amer Idol!!!! lol....
LBninja92 [10:56 PM]: OMG! I love that show :)
Jimster7 [10:56 PM]: me 2
LBninja92 [10:56 PM]: kewl
LBninja92 [10:57 PM]: me n my ma usually go n watch i togtehr
LBninja92 [10:57 PM]: she went out tonite tho with her friend
LBninja92 [10:57 PM]: she alwayz drinks to much when she goes out with this friend
LBninja92 [11:00 PM]: u like ne more shows?
LBninja92 [11:00 PM]: like amazing race or survivor or nething?
Jimster7 [11:01 PM]: sorry.. I was searching for something
LBninja92 [11:01 PM]: no prob
Jimster7 [11:01 PM]: I have liked amazing race and survivor but I'm not watchin it this season
LBninja92 [11:02 PM]: o i c
Jimster7 [11:03 PM]: ya know what would be funny... pickin u up in my car sometime and u are sorta naked or half-naked...LOL (Hahah yea that would be HILARIOUS.)
Jimster7 [11:03 PM]: hahaha
LBninja92 [11:03 PM]: rlly?
LBninja92 [11:03 PM]: y would that be funnY?
Jimster7 [11:03 PM]: I mean fun
LBninja92 [11:03 PM]: FUN
LBninja92 [11:03 PM]: ney
LBninja92 [11:03 PM]: heheh
LBninja92 [11:03 PM]: what u doin after american idol?
Jimster7 [11:05 PM]: not much,,,
LBninja92 [11:05 PM]: o ya?
Jimster7 [11:06 PM]: maybe I'll have to get naked and walk around my house and do laundry
LBninja92 [11:06 PM]: well my ma wont be home till l8r
LBninja92 [11:07 PM]: lol or that
Jimster7 [11:08 PM]: hehe
LBninja92 [11:10 PM]: who do u want 2 win AMerican Idol?
LBninja92 [11:11 PM]: or who wuz ur favorite?
Jimster7 [11:11 PM]: ya know.. I don't really have a fav so far
Jimster7 [11:12 PM]: theres one guy... i forget his name.. he's such a good singer but he's so damn ugly
LBninja92 [11:12 PM]: hmmmmm
LBninja92 [11:12 PM]: he got fucked teeth n big ears?
Jimster7 [11:12 PM]: hmmm I think so and he has a bad hair cut
LBninja92 [11:13 PM]: yea i htink thats Elliott
Jimster7 [11:13 PM]: thin u are right
LBninja92 [11:13 PM]: ya
Jimster7 [11:13 PM]: he's butt ugly
LBninja92 [11:13 PM]: ya
LBninja92 [11:13 PM]: :)
LBninja92 [11:13 PM]: well im one 2 talk but ya
Jimster7 [11:14 PM]: the pic u sent me was not \"butt ugly\"
Jimster7 [11:14 PM]: it was fine
LBninja92 [11:15 PM]: o k mebbie a ste p below that lol
LBninja92 [11:15 PM]: i like ur pics :)
Jimster7 [11:15 PM]: my cocks pretty
Jimster7 [11:15 PM]: HAHA
LBninja92 [11:15 PM]: lol
LBninja92 [11:15 PM]: i like em
LBninja92 [11:16 PM]: ugh im bored
LBninja92 [11:16 PM]: im glad u signed on
LBninja92 [11:16 PM]: i wish i had a car or id leave
Jimster7 [11:17 PM]: yup.. u are too young to drive... haha (And again. What the fuck.)
LBninja92 [11:17 PM]: ya HA HA
LBninja92 [11:17 PM]: laff at me
LBninja92 [11:17 PM]: :-p
LBninja92 [11:18 PM]: hey u kno its after 7 an dark out now lol
Jimster7 [11:18 PM]: everyone is your age at some point... its cool
LBninja92 [11:18 PM]: yah
Jimster7 [11:18 PM]: lol true
Jimster7 [11:18 PM]: but where can I pick u up where u can be naked...LOL (I guarantee that he wanted the kid to be naked so he could be certain that I wasn't a cop.)
LBninja92 [11:18 PM]: uhmmmm
LBninja92 [11:18 PM]: well
LBninja92 [11:18 PM]: good question
LBninja92 [11:19 PM]: mebbie i can do that after u pick me up
LBninja92 [11:19 PM]: lol
LBninja92 [11:19 PM]: srry i just look at ur pics again
Jimster7 [11:19 PM]: hmmm
Jimster7 [11:19 PM]: be fun if u showed me hard on so I knew it was u..hehe
LBninja92 [11:20 PM]: ya :)
LBninja92 [11:20 PM]: so what u say
Jimster7 [11:21 PM]: could be fun but I wonder where u could show me your big cock hard on
Jimster7 [11:21 PM]: ;-)
LBninja92 [11:21 PM]: uhmmm
LBninja92 [11:21 PM]: i dunno
LBninja92 [11:22 PM]: in ur car?? lol
Jimster7 [11:22 PM]: sure but b4 then
Jimster7 [11:22 PM]: hehe
LBninja92 [11:22 PM]: uhm i dunno
LBninja92 [11:22 PM]: y u wanna see it be4?
LBninja92 [11:22 PM]: dont u want it 2 be a suprize? lol
Jimster7 [11:23 PM]: just thought it would be fun if u were semi naked when u got in
LBninja92 [11:23 PM]: oo
Jimster7 [11:23 PM]: :-D
LBninja92 [11:23 PM]: I C
LBninja92 [11:24 PM]: that mite be tough lol
LBninja92 [11:24 PM]: people mite look at me n wonder what im doin
Jimster7 [11:25 PM]: true
LBninja92 [11:25 PM]: i can ware shorts thatlll be 1/2 nekkid lol
LBninja92 [11:25 PM]: actully im wearin a pair f red shorts rite now lol
Jimster7 [11:27 PM]: hehe.. shorts with hard on and a coat where u can have no shirt and a naked chest...
LBninja92 [11:28 PM]: hmmm
LBninja92 [11:28 PM]: htat mite work
LBninja92 [11:28 PM]: then i can take off the coat
Jimster7 [11:29 PM]: veddy cool....
LBninja92 [11:29 PM]: that wat ure thinkin?
Jimster7 [11:29 PM]: but isn't it late for u???
LBninja92 [11:29 PM]: no
LBninja92 [11:30 PM]: y?
Jimster7 [11:30 PM]: its late out...
LBninja92 [11:30 PM]: awwww
LBninja92 [11:30 PM]: well u said after 7
LBninja92 [11:30 PM]: its after 7 lol
Jimster7 [11:31 PM]: its not late for me but don't have u a time when u can't go out anymore
LBninja92 [11:31 PM]: uhm ya but my ma is out w her friend she hast seen in forever
LBninja92 [11:31 PM]: she said she wont be home till after 12w
LBninja92 [11:31 PM]: 12
Jimster7 [11:31 PM]: u are kidding??
LBninja92 [11:31 PM]: she work goofy hours her weekends r tues n wed not sat n sun
LBninja92 [11:31 PM]: no no tkiddin
Jimster7 [11:32 PM]: wild
LBninja92 [11:32 PM]: yea
LBninja92 [11:32 PM]: :-p
Jimster7 [11:33 PM]: u think u can get into my car rock hard?
LBninja92 [11:34 PM]: uhmmm ya
LBninja92 [11:34 PM]: d00d u dont even have 2 ask
Jimster7 [11:34 PM]: laugh
Jimster7 [11:35 PM]: well.. u are gonna be outside...
LBninja92 [11:35 PM]: yah but still
Jimster7 [11:36 PM]: verrryyy cooool
LBninja92 [11:36 PM]: Veeerrry
LBninja92 [11:36 PM]: y u want me 2 be hard? lol
LBninja92 [11:36 PM]: jp
LBninja92 [11:37 PM]: i am now lol
Jimster7 [11:37 PM]: that would be hot
Jimster7 [11:37 PM]: u are??
LBninja92 [11:37 PM]: ya
LBninja92 [11:38 PM]: will u b 2?
Jimster7 [11:38 PM]: shut up
LBninja92 [11:38 PM]: 'when i get in?
LBninja92 [11:38 PM]: lol ya i told u i look at ur pics again lol
Jimster7 [11:38 PM]: I could.... hehe... drive and be hard
LBninja92 [11:39 PM]: lol u got skillz
Jimster7 [11:39 PM]: hehe...
LBninja92 [11:40 PM]: what kinda ride u got?
Jimster7 [11:41 PM]: a decent one
LBninja92 [11:41 PM]: oo i c
LBninja92 [11:41 PM]: iz it a stick?
Jimster7 [11:41 PM]: no
LBninja92 [11:41 PM]: k
LBninja92 [11:41 PM]: my fav cars are a nissan 350Z those kick ass
Jimster7 [11:42 PM]: cool
LBninja92 [11:42 PM]: so what u say
Jimster7 [11:42 PM]: could be crazy
LBninja92 [11:42 PM]: sweet
LBninja92 [11:43 PM]: i like crazy lol
Jimster7 [11:43 PM]: I could meet u on baristo... down on baristo
LBninja92 [11:43 PM]: hmm...
LBninja92 [11:43 PM]: howz about the park?
LBninja92 [11:43 PM]: thatll be easy
Jimster7 [11:43 PM]: I think the park closes
LBninja92 [11:44 PM]: naw i see peeps there all the time after dark
Jimster7 [11:44 PM]: I think thats too public
LBninja92 [11:44 PM]: well duh it not like were stayin there
LBninja92 [11:44 PM]: just 2 meet
LBninja92 [11:44 PM]: n then we can figgure out wehre 2 go
Jimster7 [11:45 PM]: ya... not a good place for u 2 be hard
Jimster7 [11:45 PM]: hehe
LBninja92 [11:45 PM]: lol it aint like im gunna have my pantz off
LBninja92 [11:46 PM]: u can park in the **EDIT LOCATION** ill wait by the big rock there 4 u
Jimster7 [11:46 PM]: nah
LBninja92 [11:46 PM]: well then where
LBninja92 [11:46 PM]: u wanna just come 2 my apt building?
Jimster7 [11:46 PM]: hmmm
LBninja92 [11:47 PM]: or what
Jimster7 [11:48 PM]: we'll see.... hmmm
Jimster7 [11:48 PM]: U live right off baristo?
LBninja92 [11:48 PM]: yea kinda
LBninja92 [11:48 PM]: where on baristo then u thinkin?
Jimster7 [11:49 PM]: just a couple blocks down in the direction of the tennis center there... u could be walkin down in those red lil shorts... hehe (The detective wasn't particularly pleased with this location - he said that this guy was smart for picking it, as it was hard for them to survey and cover all exits.)
LBninja92 [11:49 PM]: :)
LBninja92 [11:50 PM]: u mean at the tennis center?
Jimster7 [11:51 PM]: ya.. in front of their
LBninja92 [11:52 PM]: i spose it works
LBninja92 [11:53 PM]: u aint gunna kidnap me r u ? lol jk
LBninja92 [11:53 PM]: im kiddin
LBninja92 [11:53 PM]: i kno ure good
LBninja92 [11:53 PM]: :-p
LBninja92 [11:53 PM]: y r u so quiet?
LBninja92 [11:54 PM]: u watchin Idol? lol
Jimster7 [11:55 PM]: yup
LBninja92 [11:55 PM]: o ok kewl
Jimster7 [11:55 PM]: hey.. I'm worried about u....
LBninja92 [11:55 PM]: y?
Jimster7 [11:56 PM]: u know... LBninja is in reality police..... UGH
LBninja92 [11:56 PM]: HUH??
Jimster7 [11:56 PM]: u know what I mean.... a police person pretending to be a 13 yea rold (Honestly, this guy is delusional. Hopefully others will see how sick and perverted this guy really is, and what a flamboyantly obvious liar he is as well.)
LBninja92 [11:57 PM]: Wtf u talkin about
LBninja92 [11:57 PM]: i aint no police?
LBninja92 [11:57 PM]: wha the hell u smokin dood?
LBninja92 [11:58 PM]: what make u think that??
Jimster7 [11:58 PM]: geezus...haven't u heard how police offciers go on the internet and pretend to be young kids... (This log proves without a doubt that you knew you were meeting a kid, Jim. Keep denying it though; it makes you look nutty.)
LBninja92 [11:58 PM]: uhmmm okay...
LBninja92 [11:58 PM]: wow i thought u wuz my friend...
Jimster7 [11:58 PM]: U seriously have nooooo idea what I;m talkin about?
LBninja92 [11:59 PM]: well cops do shit but i aint no cop
Jimster7 [11:59 PM]: cool
LBninja92 [11:59 PM]: why u think im messin w u?
LBninja92 [12:00 AM]: :(
Jimster7 [12:00 AM]: pays to be carefull
LBninja92 [12:00 AM]: ya tru
Jimster7 [12:00 AM]: shit happens in life
LBninja92 [12:00 AM]: that y i didnt sneeak out the other nite 2 meet u
Jimster7 [12:00 AM]: ... is was a good think u didn't sneak out
LBninja92 [12:00 AM]: n that y i wanted 2 meet in the park cuz there prolly be some people around but tennis is kewl cuz i trust u
Jimster7 [12:00 AM]: good thing.. I mean
LBninja92 [12:00 AM]: y is that?
LBninja92 [12:01 AM]: i dont wanna get in trouble dood
Jimster7 [12:01 AM]: cause sneaking out gets u in trouble...
LBninja92 [12:01 AM]: rite
Jimster7 [12:01 AM]: u just get caught.. hehe
LBninja92 [12:01 AM]: lol
LBninja92 [12:01 AM]: well i dont gotta sneak 2nite so im good lol
Jimster7 [12:02 AM]: I know.. hehe
Jimster7 [12:02 AM]: so howz that hard on
LBninja92 [12:02 AM]: lol well i stop thinkin bout it when u start talkin bout cops
LBninja92 [12:02 AM]: but itll come back
LBninja92 [12:02 AM]: lol
Jimster7 [12:02 AM]: I know it will
LBninja92 [12:03 AM]: :-D
Jimster7 [12:03 AM]: I should get mine hard now.. hehe
LBninja92 [12:03 AM]: lol ya
Jimster7 [12:05 AM]: is yours hard yet?
LBninja92 [12:05 AM]: yea urs?
Jimster7 [12:05 AM]: almost
LBninja92 [12:05 AM]: lol kewl
Jimster7 [12:06 AM]: its hard now
LBninja92 [12:06 AM]: sweet
LBninja92 [12:06 AM]: just like in teh picture
LBninja92 [12:06 AM]: lol
LBninja92 [12:06 AM]: how did u take those?
Jimster7 [12:07 AM]: yup
Jimster7 [12:07 AM]: thhink I just shot into a mirror
LBninja92 [12:07 AM]: OO ic
LBninja92 [12:08 AM]: so whats teh story
LBninja92 [12:09 AM]: how long it take u 2 get 2 teh tennis crts?
Jimster7 [12:10 AM]: 5 mins
LBninja92 [12:10 AM]: rlly?
LBninja92 [12:10 AM]: wow ok
Jimster7 [12:10 AM]: U gonna be nice and rockk hard?
LBninja92 [12:11 AM]: if thats what u want
LBninja92 [12:11 AM]: its gunna have 2 be that way neways rite? lol
Jimster7 [12:11 AM]: sounds fun to me but do you wanna do that?
LBninja92 [12:11 AM]: yea if u do
LBninja92 [12:12 AM]: o wait
LBninja92 [12:12 AM]: it sound fun 2 u
LBninja92 [12:12 AM]: lol
Jimster7 [12:12 AM]: yup
LBninja92 [12:12 AM]: so what kinda car should i look 4? a truck? a 4dr?
Jimster7 [12:13 AM]: I'll look for a guy wit red shorts and a hard on,, HAA... be right in front of the tennis center... hehe
LBninja92 [12:13 AM]: lol
Jimster7 [12:13 AM]: u are alex
LBninja92 [12:13 AM]: Yeah
Jimster7 [12:14 AM]: u tell me when u are ready
LBninja92 [12:14 AM]: k
Jimster7 [12:14 AM]: I'm pretty hard now
LBninja92 [12:14 AM]: lol kewl
Jimster7 [12:14 AM]: u still hard or did it go down a bit
LBninja92 [12:14 AM]: still hard
LBninja92 [12:15 AM]: lol
Jimster7 [12:15 AM]: u blow a load today?
LBninja92 [12:15 AM]: no
LBninja92 [12:15 AM]: not yet
LBninja92 [12:15 AM]: so u gunna suck mine then?
LBninja92 [12:15 AM]: and u let me try urs?
Jimster7 [12:16 AM]: I will suck u and if u wanna try me u can but u don't have to
LBninja92 [12:16 AM]: k
LBninja92 [12:16 AM]: :)
Jimster7 [12:17 AM]: don't be bothered if u blow quickly and wanna just say \"bye\"
LBninja92 [12:17 AM]: kk
LBninja92 [12:17 AM]: did u have a digicam?
LBninja92 [12:17 AM]: cuz i kinda want new pix but i aint got 1
Jimster7 [12:17 AM]: I can't find it but Ill look for it another time
LBninja92 [12:18 AM]: k
LBninja92 [12:18 AM]: dats kewl lol
LBninja92 [12:18 AM]: can u tell me at least what ur wearin since i dont kno what car 2 look 4?
LBninja92 [12:18 AM]: lol
Jimster7 [12:18 AM]: u could take a shot of me suckin u
LBninja92 [12:18 AM]: ya if u brouth a cam OMG
LBninja92 [12:18 AM]: that would be kewl
Jimster7 [12:19 AM]: U don't have to worry.. I'm gonna look for u
LBninja92 [12:19 AM]: ok...
Jimster7 [12:19 AM]: remember u are gonna be wearing red shorts and a massive har don cock
LBninja92 [12:19 AM]: ya
LBninja92 [12:19 AM]: n a jacket
Jimster7 [12:19 AM]: yup
Jimster7 [12:20 AM]: and U can look in my window and see my hard on stickin out at ya (Oh now he's a flasher too.)
LBninja92 [12:20 AM]: in ur car?
LBninja92 [12:20 AM]: lol
Jimster7 [12:20 AM]: hehe
LBninja92 [12:20 AM]: u wana do that?
LBninja92 [12:21 AM]: u pull up n call my name n i go over 2 u?
Jimster7 [12:21 AM]: sure and when I do... u can show me your hard on..LOL
LBninja92 [12:22 AM]: LOL
Jimster7 [12:22 AM]: :-D
LBninja92 [12:23 AM]: k
LBninja92 [12:23 AM]: :)
LBninja92 [12:23 AM]: ddayum
LBninja92 [12:23 AM]: xcited
Jimster7 [12:24 AM]: fun
LBninja92 [12:24 AM]: lol
LBninja92 [12:25 AM]: so 5 min huh
LBninja92 [12:25 AM]: 2 drive in ur mysery car 2 the tennis crts
Jimster7 [12:25 AM]: give or take a couple
LBninja92 [12:25 AM]: k
LBninja92 [12:25 AM]: n ull c me there n call my name an ill go over 2 the car n then look n ull show me ur hardon?
LBninja92 [12:25 AM]: n then ill get in n take off my jacet n show u my hardon?
Jimster7 [12:26 AM]: hot huh but U u can probably show me yours outside... hehe...
Jimster7 [12:26 AM]: I'll drive up and say show me that hard on
LBninja92 [12:26 AM]: uhh but if some1 is there
LBninja92 [12:26 AM]: then what
Jimster7 [12:26 AM]: then don't
LBninja92 [12:26 AM]: k
Jimster7 [12:26 AM]: haha
LBninja92 [12:26 AM]: :)
LBninja92 [12:27 AM]: can i ask u a question?
Jimster7 [12:27 AM]: no people equals hard on
Jimster7 [12:27 AM]: people equals no hard on
Jimster7 [12:27 AM]: hehe
LBninja92 [12:27 AM]: lol ok got it
LBninja92 [12:28 AM]: do u use rubberz for head? my health teacher sez ure supposed 2 but i think thats stupid n my friend said its stupid to
LBninja92 [12:28 AM]: or are u suppose to
Jimster7 [12:28 AM]: nah... not for head
LBninja92 [12:28 AM]: k
LBninja92 [12:28 AM]: i was gunna say lol cuz i dont got none
Jimster7 [12:28 AM]: fuckin,,, yessss
LBninja92 [12:28 AM]: just for fuckin then
Jimster7 [12:28 AM]: right
LBninja92 [12:28 AM]: k kewl
LBninja92 [12:29 AM]: just wonderin
LBninja92 [12:29 AM]: lol
LBninja92 [12:31 AM]: so what u doin rite now
LBninja92 [12:32 AM]: do u like kissing?
LBninja92 [12:32 AM]: i don remember if u told me that
Jimster7 [12:33 AM]: I walked into a different room
LBninja92 [12:33 AM]: o ok
Jimster7 [12:33 AM]: kissing is fun
LBninja92 [12:33 AM]: w a hardon? lol
Jimster7 [12:33 AM]: nah,, I lost it
LBninja92 [12:33 AM]: aww that sux
Jimster7 [12:33 AM]: its cool
LBninja92 [12:33 AM]: k
Jimster7 [12:34 AM]: just start off simple... suckin
LBninja92 [12:34 AM]: k
LBninja92 [12:34 AM]: :)
Jimster7 [12:34 AM]: anyway... wanna just plan and do it another time?
LBninja92 [12:34 AM]: naw d00d im waitin 4 u to say its kewl
Jimster7 [12:35 AM]: it is... U just don't seem ready
LBninja92 [12:35 AM]: naw im good i just wanna go brush my teeth n i can be outty lemme do that ill brb 1 min
LBninja92 [12:36 AM]: ok
LBninja92 [12:36 AM]: thats good enuf
Jimster7 [12:37 AM]: haha... I'm likely just gonna suck u anyway..
LBninja92 [12:37 AM]: k
LBninja92 [12:37 AM]: i'm leavin
LBninja92 [12:37 AM]: cu in a few mins
Jimster7 [12:37 AM]: cool... I want u to have a real bonerrrr
LBninja92 [12:38 AM]: lollll ok
LBninja92 [12:38 AM]: bye
Jimster7 [12:38 AM]: see ya in a few

End IM - 3/29/2006 12:38 AM

After reading this chat log again, I still can't understand how this fuckwad can maintain he thought he was talking with an adult. What color is the sky in your world, Jim?

Disclaimer: This information is made available for the purpose of informing the internet community, creating awareness for parents, and deterring individuals such as this. Our claims of "truth" with this file are limited to two areas, that the screen name in question had the conversation above, and that in files post-September 1st, 2003, that the phone number included in the file was used during the commission of this chatlog. The only person with the authority to remove this file is

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