Information about applying to our training program

Special Note! This is the application page for volunteers to join our organization, if you're in Law Enforcement and are looking for the Law Enforcement version of this training program, please click this link. Thanks!

Hello, and welcome to Some of you may be wondering how we bring on the people who do the chatting that you see on the main page logs. Well, this page is the first step for those interested in entering our training program.

What is our training program?

- Our training program is a specialized built e-learning process that combines slides, tutorials, software and testing. The training program, known as the Junior Contributor program, is where interested people sign-up and learn the ropes. Chatting with these people is very boring and requires a lot of specialized training to make sure the evidence you're obtaining is acquired in a coherent and proven method.

Junior Contributors who go through and pass the courses will then be given a chatting regimen. Trainees who do well and garner arrests eventually are graduated and become full contributors. These are non-paid positions that may require you to testify in a court of law against an internet predator as part of a criminal case against them. This is a serious volunteer position, so please take that into consideration before deciding whether to apply or not.

What are the requirements to volunteer for the training program

- You have to be 21 years of age with a clean criminal background. We have an NDA that people have to fill out, and we will need a lot of personal details regarding people who sign up for the training program. These details are used for our background checks on volunteers. The information is very detailed that we require, so please do keep that in mind. Only people accepted into the program will be asked for such information.

General requirements are that people take this opportunity seriously, they work at the materials provided and they maintain a professional, drama-free, attitude. Not everyone will pass the course or be promoted as a full chat-log contributor, but those that do will find the volunteer experience rewarding.

What is the first step?

- The first step is emailing us with your application to be considered for entry into the training program. You may be wondering what sorts of information to include in the email. We would appreciate you including...

*Why you want to volunteer as a chat-log contributor
*Why you think you would do a good job dealing with these predators
*Some basic background detail, your age, location. More detailed information will be requested if you are contacted back for inclusion into our training program
*What your forum username is, if you have one.
*What your schedule is in terms of your life. Do you work a 9-5 job? Do you have eighteen children?
*Have you talked to your spouse, if you have one, about potentially volunteering here?
*Any other information you think we would find relevant!

To apply, please email with a CC to from your preferred email address. The more detail you can put into your mail, the better.

You should also sign up for our forums at while you wait to hear back. Not everyone will be accepted, so don't take it personal if you're not immediately brought into the training program as there are not an unlimited amount of spots in the program.

Thanks for reading and considering volunteering for training with us here at