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Hello, if you've clicked on this, you're probably a fairly curious person. I'm a 28 year old individual who resides in Portland, Oregon. I own, run and organize this group along with my good friends Frag and Del Harvey. A lot of people probably wonder why I do this. The reason is very simple. Despite being a Childless Atheist Libertarian (Not your typical anti-pedophile mix, eh?) I've had a lot of female friends in the past who had been taken advantage of. The scars that left them were very real, and as a person of empathy, especially for the female plight in society, they strike me as very tragic.

So when I started chatting in the Yahoo Portland regional room, I started noticing all these assholes trying to satiate their base desires on the backs of females of any age who are just looking for some sort of attention, or "friend." The world is a harsh place, and males harsher still. And as I chatted there for months on end, I heard nothing but terrible stories of individuals preying on females in that room. I spoke to another chatter who was doing this sort of thing on his own time, and we decided to make the site.

The website was never intended to be a national website. It was intended to take care of the Portland regional room, that's it. However, we noticed something that was rather neat... the more awareness the Portland room had of what we do, the harder it was for our underage profiles to obtain those oh-so-ugh-ly "dates." Then, one night, I was hanging out in the Portland room when an underage handle came in.

Was the reaction to her one of interest? No, the reaction was "That's one of PeeJ's! Don't talk to her!" The best part about that was... it wasn't one of mine. It was an actual underage kid. And she wasn't hit upon that night.

From there, we decided to take the website to California, and then to other states, culminating in what you see now. Again, the intention was to clean up one room, but the interest of others was so great that we found ourselves with no choice but to organize on a greater level.

The website has seen many changes since then, as we continually hone and refine our protocol. It's an endeavor that costs time and money, but it's worth it... because I can just imagine how many "one of us that weren't" have been out there since we started the website. In the years we've been doing this, we have been shocked and amazed over and over at how far these men go. We have had occasion to do many things we never envisioned starting out as two guys with a small website based off my personal blog... we've been able to partner up with Dateline NBC for hour-long documentaries covering this issue, we were able to locate an abducted 14 year old female in Washington State and we've been able to partner with law enforcement in dozens of states to obtain convictions. None of this was what we set out to do, but we've done a great job evolving as opportunities arise. Pretty much the definition of grass-roots.

Join our forums and see for yourself how the largest anti-groomer organization online operates. And then we invite you to join in. Please read our FAQ's and signup for our forums, which is where we organize the vast majority of our volunteers.