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- All About Wendy -

I came to Perverted-Justice, with many others, after the link from At first I thought I'd be taken to a site carrying out practical jokes for a bit of a sick laugh. The "sick" was there, alright, but the laughs were conspicuously absent. So I joined up, and after around two years, I was brought on as a contributor.

At present, in addition to those duties, I am the Information First Assistant Coordinator, so I essentially talk to cops all day. I also occasionally assist with forum sign-ups and simple technical issues related to, so if you're having trouble getting started, I'm happy to help.

I'm also the director of the Internship program. If you're a criminal justice, law, criminal psych, psychology, computer forsensics, or reasonably related major, and you'd like to earn college credit while working with us, contact me for an application.

Lastly, if you'd simply like to know more general information about me and my work with PJ, go here.