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- All About Van De Camp -

Hello and Welcome to Perverted Justice. I hope this site enlightens you as to the problem of online solicitation of minors.

I'm known as Van de Camp around here. I have a degree in Psychology with a minor in English. I am an Advisor to Interns and Verifiers and I am the Survivor Discussions Leader. If you ever have any questions about either of those, feel free to contact me. I take my work here very seriously and I'm honored to be here. For more about our Internship Program, Verifiers, and Survivor Discussions, please join us in the forums.

I came to the site by luck I guess. Found the link on another website and I've been here ever since. If you watched Dateline II and the Georgia TCAP you got to see me for about 30 seconds. I got to say bestility on tv. Heh.

PeeJ is a great place and I'm lucky to have found it. Everyone on staff is very supportive and helpful. I really hope you enjoy your stay here and would love to see you in our forums helping out.