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If this is your first time visiting PJ, I welcome you! Please, do not hesitate to contact any of us, we stand ready to assist you in whatever way we can. Remember, all of us were newbies once, just like you. Perverted Justice is comprised of volunteers from all walks of life and we're always grateful for another helping hand.

I started out like anyone else, I'd seen a local GMB and was taken aback by the depths of depravity these men sink to in their attempts at preying on children. I found the mainpage of PJ and I read logs. And I was further sickened.

After a few days of watching the local GMB and logging on to read the corresponding chats, I noticed the Forums link at the top of the mainpage. I'd never before belonged to any type of forums or message board, though I'd been online for some time. I clicked. I registered. I joined in. A "lowly newbie". I reached out to a few forumites and Contribs that seemed like-minded. I was warmly welcomed, and I stayed.

I began doing random FU. I was eventually brought on board as an UnderAge Sounding Telephone Verifier due to my ability to alter my voice and sound 12 to 15 years old. Over time I became a familiar face to the Administration of Perverted Justice and my dedication and loyalty were recognized and thus began the process of being thoroughly checked out and trained for the position of Contributor.

I have a background in Child Advocacy and Child Protection as well as being married to LE.

As of the posting of this bio I have 3 publicly posted Convictions as a Contributor with several more cases going through the judicial process as well as having served as the Verifier in a number of Convictions.

I'm known as "Tyrone", "Ty" or "Thai" here at Perverted Justice and Mom or Auntie at home. If there's ever anything I can do to assist you, please don't hesitate to ask.

- Ty