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AIM: thedirectorpj
Yahoo!: the_director_guy


- All About The Director -

Hey Hey, Kiddo's. The Director Here. What can I say about myself, hmm...
I am a college graduate with a BA in Media, Communications, and Film. I write, film, and edit my own independent films, hence, the name "The Director",

How I found Perverted Justice. Well, that is a long time back. I saw the link on a site that hosts a bunch of random links, over 2 and half years ago. Interested about the idea behind the site, still in its infancy, I contacted the site founder, and got permission to sit, watch, take notes, and ultimately use the site to film my senior year project, titled "The Search for Perverted Justice". After that, I learned all I could about the site, and stuck around, until I finally became a contributor. I have been a contrib for almost a year and a half, and I have seen this site evolve into what I always knew it could become, a Conviction Machine.

Let’s see...things I enjoy...
Well, I enjoy reading, writing scripts, watching movies, hanging out with my girlfriend, video games, and oh yeah, BUSTING WANNA-BE PEDOS!
I run a film production company, as well as other various odd jobs. Other than that, if you wanna know anything, just ask.
If you have any questions, or want advice with Human Shields, or just need someone to say Hello to, give me a shout, at the_director_guy on YIM.
Take it easy, and catch you on the flip side
The Director