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I am 38, and I live in Florida. I am here because I do not like real or potential child molesters. I am unable to state my purpose for being here any more clearly than that. To those of you who would put any child in harm's way, it is YOU who we're fighting against.

Welcome, the rest of you, to Perverted-Justice.

Children deserve to be happy and to be kept protected. We are not trying to be parents. We are not trying to raise them. We are not charged with their safety while they're outside, or at the beach, or at the swimming pool.

What we do is try and keep one small part of their lives safe - internet chat rooms. In chat rooms, children can be vulnerable and they can be exploited by adults with the wrong intentions. These adults feel safe in chat rooms and time is on their side. It may take days, weeks, or months, but these adults are methodical and they are patient. They are groomers and they know exactly what any given child wants to hear. Internet abductions can and do happen.

A message to these adults: We work with Law Enforcement Agencies all across the country. We will find you. And you just may get to have your house redecorated by a SWAT team.

We hold predators of children in the deepest contempt, and I am not a particularly pleasant person. You will not recognize me or any of the other Contributors in a chat room. Play nicely. We will know if you don't.