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- All About Monterey Jack -

My "internet social life" before the PeeJ forums was a chatroom on AOL.
I was in there one day when someone emailed a picture around of a baby boy with a caption on it saying something about the two most important things to a male, the boy was nude with a TV remote in one hand and his other hand covering his penis. (There was no penis showing)

I host a group page for the people that go into that room, one lady suggested I post that on the group page, I pointed out to her that I think, by law, that was considered KP and not only will I not be posting it, everyone should delete it.
This lady, who herself is a survivor of some horrible abuse, according to her, IMed me and asked if I had ever seen this one web site. She then sent me a link to PeeJ.
From then on I start checking out the front page a few times a day to see any new busts that were posted, I'd read the whole chat and vote on the slimy scale. This went on for about 3 months.
Finally I decided I had to see what goes on here.
Signed up, started helping out, then I was asked to help in certain areas and after a while I was asked to become a contributor.

I am easy to talk to, so if you have any questions or comments and you see me online, please feel free to IM me. Or email me if you’d like.
Thanks for your interest in Perverted Justice.

Monterey Jack