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- All About Erich -

I joined Perverted-Justice after a child abuse case was media-blitzed. For weeks I was the one to go to for information on this case do to some of my contacts.

I was suffering from local backlash when the jury had refused to convict the defendant even though they admitted they felt he was guilty. At the same time I was recovering from the loss of the Columbia Space Shuttle and the upheaval caused by the questions raised by the Columbia Accident Investigation Board report.

So after these trials, I decided to take the energy I had devoted to the goals of following the child abuse case and CAIB and apply it toward a new goal, a goal that would benefit others. I revisited the link to Perverted-Justice a friend had given me during the trial and decided to stay.

Using email and the forums, I moved my way up the ladder at PeeJ slowly but surely. I was not much of a chatter and had assumed that most members of the forum were not aware of my existence. In the end, I was proved wrong when I was asked to become a contributor.