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I worked in law enforcement for 15 years, serving on a police department, then under several sheriffs. During that time I watched as the cases of children being molested grew in number. Nothing was being done...a slap on the wrist...a month in jail...court-ordered counseling for a period of 6 weeks.

I was offered a job as a private investigator. I soon opened my own investigations company that I owned and operated for 11 years. During those years I specialized in sexual abuse cases where the child was too young to testify.

In 2004, I saw a show on television that featured The note sat on my desk for a few weeks before I checked out the site, figuring it was a bunch of know-nothing do-gooders. Finally I came to the site and saw where they suggested that anyone who wanted to know how bad the problem with internet predators had gotten...make themselves a young profile and go online.

I did that. As I was signing on as the child, the last coherent thought I had was, "And now how many weeks will I have to sit here before a pedophile finds me?"

Within 30 seconds the hits began. SLAM-SLAM-SLAM. It took 15 minutes for me to clear the hits that just kept slamming me...all older men...all looking for a young girl...all wanting sex.

Because of my past experience I knew how to spot a groomer and I grabbed two of them, trying desperately to rid my screen of the others. When that day was over, I told my husband "I can't just walk away from this thing."

That started my experience with PeeJ, and what a ride it's been.
Of those two men, one has already been convicted and received 14 years in the federal prison...the other comes up before long for trial.

I now have several more cases waiting in the judicial wings and of course, more that are in play.

And as for the know-nothing do-gooders, turns out they were trained and ethical men and women, who held themselves to standards that would pass any court's inspection. I'm so proud to work with them.

And yes, Duncan is female. I have grown kids and a husband who is a criminal courts reporter. I also have a Maine Coon cat who keeps things in chaos.