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- All About Chandra Chai -

I first heard of Perverted-Justice from DatelineI. I looked at the main page and read quite a few of the busts. As everyone always is, I was shocked at what I read. I stayed at the main page for quite a while and started looking into the archives and saw a bust that lived near me. So, I joined the forums to see the follow-up on him.

I had never been on any forums of any type so it took me a while to start posting. I was welcomed with open arms and slowly began to become more involved. I made many friends here and eventually was asked to become a contributor.

I welcome all of you and invite you to become involved in PeeJ. It is a cause well worth your time!

Also, if you happen to be a Junior or Senior in college interested in an Internship with and are a Criminal Justice or similar major, please hit me up. Apple Jack and I run the Internship Program and we would be happy to email you an application!