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When I was first brought aboard this site, like many new to it, I had no idea how bad the problem was. All I knew was that I wanted to draw on my experience in theatre and improv, as well as my overdeveloped sense of outrage, to make a difference in the lives of some defenseless victims.

Since then, I've busted Teachers. Social workers. Military personnel. People in communities all over the country. People just like the folks you probably pass on the street every day. And with every bust, I become more committed to doing everything I can to stop this problem for good...To bring about the end of would-be child molesters using the supposed anonymity and false sense of security provided by the internet to prey upon the bodies of our children.

What we have conclusively proven through our work here is that these people want to do, and try to do unacceptable things to children. CHILDREN. There is no defense, no excuse, no rationalization to justify or explain away the vile, depraved courses of action these subhuman nuggets of excrement attempt to perpetrate. None. Zero. long as there is a dusty, darkened corner of the internet where our children are not safe from predators, predators will not be safe from me.