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I first joined Perverted Justice in June of 2006. Like so many of our members, I saw an episode of To Catch A Predator, and was immediately pulled in. The night remains so vivid in my mind; I watched as Clifford Wallach got out of his car and proceeded to help his toddler son down from the back seat. I could only sit there in amazement regarding what was taking place on the television screen. I found the website, and stayed up until about 4 in the morning, thoroughly engrossed in all the reading material. It was a strange feeling I had that night; I knew I was meant to help in some way.

I believe strongly in our quest to educate people about the dangers of the internet. If we cannot completely stop online predators from preying on young children, we can certainly do what is necessary to scare a good portion of them. My message to people who chat up young kids is simple: beware, because you never know if that girl or boy you think is an innocent child is really one of us. We are always there watching, listening, and waiting.