• Group Media Busts - D3: Riverside, California

    After the Virginia sting operation, we re-doubled our efforts to find a really proactive department who would like to get these guys arrested. At that time, we had already done many stings with local media and two with Dateline. Despite coming close, a few opportunities fell through to put the perfect marriage of informative media together with a parallel investigation for law enforcement at the same time.

    Most people don't really understand the logistics of this, Dateline and the police do not communicate except in the rarest of circumstances. The idea was, have the predator show up, come in, get interviewed by Hansen and then when the predator leaves, he gets arrested. The problem? Media and law enforcement due to silly arbitrary "journalistic ethics" can't inhabit the same space. Dateline wanted little to nothing to do with actually having the police get information or a dwelling.

    The solution? Dennis Kerr, one of our admins, would stand at the center line dividing media and law enforcement. We would be the wall of China dividing their efforts. A lot of work, but very rewarding as we found out in the Riverside sting operation.

    Riverside County is a very large county in California. Once a location was picked out that would accommodate media and law enforcement, we got to work. California is one of those places where we feel that we could do a sting every weekend and get twenty guys. However, nothing prepared us for the deluge of individuals who would contact us for this sting operation.

    In January 2006, over a mere three day period... 51 predators showed up and were arrested. Nobody, not police, Dateline or ourselves expected the deluge of men that comprised these 51 individuals. Included in that total were men like Daniel Allen, who had previous convictions for violent spousal abuse.

    But the worst of the 51 were the convicted registered sex offenders that showed up. One of whom, a Charles Harding had a lengthy rap sheet regarding crimes against minors. While in jail, he stopped taking medicine that kept him alive. I guess that's the easiest way to avoid a conviction on arrests involving our evidence!

    Another RSO who showed up, Robert Lyons has already been convicted. He showed up to the Riverside sting operation a mere eleven months after being convicted of molesting an actual underage male. He hadn't received jail time in that case, but he did in ours.

    Down below in the list of individuals who have their cases finished and convictions logged, you'll find quite a few stories that were quite unique. One predator had already been exposed by us prior to our working with law enforcement... this time he hit one of our decoys and got a new experience for himself.

    The Riverside sting was a huge success in terms of arrests. Still to this day there are dozens of cases from this sting operation still winding their way through the courts. As they are convicted, they'll automatically show up in this area.

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