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  • Yahoo IM - liv2rydu10 - Lansing, Michigan [Conviction]
    Scott liked to be a showoff. However, he found out that even that has its consequences.
    Bust by Belvedere @ 10/25/09 10/25/2009 [Link] Slimyness: 3.50

  • Yahoo IM - bearinwolfsfur - Conyers, Georgia [Conviction][Media]
    Bill thought he was going to get all cuddly with a 13 yr old girl. Instead, he got a jail term.
    Bust by Belvedere @ 02/15/07 2/15/2007 [Link] Slimyness: 4.00

  • Yahoo IM - docman_818 - Los Angeles, California [Conviction][Media]
    Gabor came over to bring me a birthday cake & have sex. But all he got was a nice set of handcuffs.
    Bust by Belvedere @ 12/23/06 12/23/2006 [Link] Slimyness: 3.99

  • Yahoo IM - ich_bin_der_eggman_67 - Arizona City, Arizona [Conviction]
    Jed wanted to have sex with a little girl but ended up on the news instead.
    Bust by Belvedere @ 11/17/06 11/17/2006 [Link] Slimyness: 3.92

  • Yahoo IM - bluegrizzly32 - Riverside, California [Conviction]
    Alvin did not waste much time from his first contact to leaving to meet me.
    Bust by Belvedere @ 09/12/06 9/12/2006 [Link] Slimyness: 3.58